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CBD For You Course

Course Goals

  • Understand setting, duties, and responsibilities of dispensary jobs
  • Demonstrate best practices for customer interaction
  • Ability to identify a patient’s medical cannabis needs
  • Obtain pre-emptive problem-solving skills to utilize within a dispensary
  • Use oral and written medical cannabis terminology. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common state-approved diseases and conditions
  • Perform basic dosage recommendations
  • Exhibit knowledge of dispensary standards, ethics, laws and regulations

Earn your Herbal Risings Budtender Certification online with the CBD For You Course designed for those who want to apply the best knowledge to their patient care practices. If you want to become a CBD specialist or need to improve your dispensary training experience, this course is the perfect online CBD course!

After the completion of CBD For You Course, you should be able to: define the Endocannabinoid system and its role in CBD absorbency, recite CBD delivery methods, explain the difference of plant cannabinoids

This course is designed for professionals aspiring to become budtenders, CBD retailers, wholesalers, and businesses associated with CBD, parents and caregivers of CBD patients

The Herbal Risings Cannabis Education Training Program was developed for dispensary bound goals. Herbal Risings Certificate ensures that associated dispensaries and other employers adhere to best practices by meeting Herbal Risings Principles & Standards. An Herbal Risings certificate gives students, learners, health care practitioners, dispensaries, employers, job seekers peace of mind. The Herbal Risings goals  are to instill industry standard of excellence in the areas of consistency, accountability, and quality care in the emerging market. Herbal Risings cultivators leaders in the medical cannabis industry. Visit the Herbal Risings Course Catalog to see our current offerings.

Units in this program

Herbal Risings' CBD For You Course

Understanding the effects of CBD on the body

The human body is fully wired with a system that has recently been discovered called the Endocannabinoid System.

Delivery methods are an important part of CBD treatment.


The method of extraction is a very important when treating an illness

Inactive THC and the correlation to CBD treatment.

When it comes to treating someone and the protocol necessary to do so, its extremely important to address all the symptoms that one would need to treat in order to have an effective treatment plan.

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Christina Roedel
Born in Colorado and raised in Minnesota Christina moved to Arizona in the winter of 2008. She is the mother of three beautiful daughters and spends most of her time with her girls.

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