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Concentrates Specialist

In the class, you’ll learn about concentrates safety, how cannabis extracts are produced, and common methods of development. Does not require hands on skill testing. 6 unit text course (with photos).


Learn the fundamentals of a concentrates specialist, including extraction methods, tools, machinery, processes and methods. 24/7 access to potfessor messaging system for Q&A. Certificate of achievements are issued to successful graduates. Regularly peer-reviewed by industry professionals.

Created in collaboration with potfessor Matthew Lopez and Staff MMJ.


-Solvents and applications

-Learn basic extraction methods

-Expand cannabis product vocabulary

-BHO & Supercritical methods



Terms & Rules

Must pass course with an 80% to receive certificate. 6 unit text course (with photos). 24/7 access to potfessors for Q&A. Certificate of achievement. *Regularly peer-reviewed by industry professionals. Online Terms – Herbal Risings

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Unlimited
Quiz 1 Introduction to Concentrates Unlimited
Solvents vs. Solventless Unlimited
Quiz 2 Solvents Vs. Solventless Unlimited
Dry Sieve vs. Water Extraction Unlimited
Quiz 3 Dry Sieve and Water Extraction Unlimited
BHO and Other Solvents Unlimited
Quiz 4 BHO and Other Solvents Unlimited
Supercritical Fluid Extraction Unlimited
Quiz 5 Supercritical Fluid Unlimited
Future of Concentrates Unlimited
Final Exam Unlimited

Course Reviews


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  1. Interesting


    I learned a lot cocernimg the science applied to the extraction process. I hope that I will be able to apply my knowledge to the future.

  2. visuals are needed. but still a great course.


    this course was very detailed. it was very precise on the outcome of the finished product, the caution of certain extraction methods. however i do feel that visuals, and videos should be included so that the student knows of whats being described, looks like or what some of the steps look like for some of the processes. if this could be updated, it could make the learning experience a bit more memorable.

  3. Intimidated


    The titles to this part of the course we’re a bit intimidating I must admit but the information is properly presented where it put concentrates in a more familiar prospective.

  4. love this!


    I enjoyed learning the different forms of extraction that I was not aware of in a little more depth but simple to understand.

  5. Concentrates


    Awesome site to learn abou concentrates ..thank you

  6. Thanks


    The courses were easy and informative.

  7. 5

    this course was harder then the last but definitely helpful

  8. Dr.G


    Definitely a step-up from the previous course. McAwesome!

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