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The kitchen infusion course includes explanation of temperature, handling and storage, with a focus on culinary techniques as well as baking techniques. We even explain to you the next steps you’ll take after finishing this course.

If you are looking for headstart as an infusion assistant, but need to brush up on your kitchen experience, this is the course for you. Even if you are a seasoned chef, but you are looking to break into the Medical Marijuana world, this course will be a great asset to your resume. If you have no prior kitchen experience this course will give you all the fundamentals to working in a kitchen! A collaborative learning course brought to you by Gourmedd and Herbal Risings, a joint effort.


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Course Curriculum

Unit 1 – Safety and Sanitation Unlimited
Quiz 1: Safety and Sanitation Unlimited
Unit 2 – Basic Nutrition & Health Unlimited
Quiz 2: Basic Nutrition and Health Unlimited
Unit 3 – Kitchen Management Unlimited
Quiz 3: Kitchen Management Unlimited
Unit 4 – Food as Medicine Unlimited
Unit 4: Food Meds Unlimited
Unit 5 – Culinary Techniques Unlimited
Unit 5: Culinary Techniques Unlimited
Unit 6 – Baking Theory & Technique Unlimited
Unit 6: Baking Technique Unlimited
Unit 7 – Moving Forward Unlimited
Unit 7: Moving Forward Unlimited
Baking Infusion – Credits & Resources Unlimited

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  1. Finished in 1 day! Really excited to take this class 😉

  2. I’m glad I took this budtender course. Not only did I learn about cannabis nutrition, I also learned a lot about cooking methods, too!

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