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Career Workshop


This Live Seminar is scheduled for 11/12. Enrollment includes 12 units of ‘Principles and Standards of Cannabis & Patient Care Workbook’ and our internationally utilized certificate at the end of the lecture & workshop.

Open to all students who want to learn more about this exciting industry and hear first-hand stories about patient care standardization. Join a community of supportive folks who want to see you succeed!

Career-path: Those on the career-path towards dispensary employment can opt-in for a free resume analysis or speak with a career coaching consultation.

Herbal Risings Virtual Seminar Registration details:

Event Type: Zoom/Workshop & Interactive Q&A.

What does the workshop cover?

From flowers, patients and ailments, extracts, and edibles, this practical, interactive public approach teaches any level of budtender how to identify products, and navigate through the medical marijuana industry. Attendants of this program will approach their dispensaries in a whole new way, this training will be sure to make you a star behind the counter attracting additional customers, and best of all increasing your potential!

Costs are minimal for the PRINCIPLES AND STANDARDS OF CANNABIS AND PATIENT CARE WORKSHOP, and registration is only $249. Must enroll in advance to secure a spot.  

Herbal Risings Live Seminar:

This includes a 12-unit intensive and interactive training seminar, a workbook and test booklet, and a certificate.

Please send your resume and any initial questions to admissions@herbalrisings.com prior to the class date– this is not a step you want to skip!

We will have plenty of participation activities, games, and chances to ask questions

Get ready to learn a lot and have fun doing it!

We will also have fun trivia and a personalized certificate to celebrate your success!

Let’s get ready to learn! These classes fill up quickly due to the high demand in learning to acquire the Herbal Risings Principles & Standards. You will learn to increase your cannabis knowledge and have a lot of fun doing so.

EXCHANGE POLICY (non-refundable)


LIVE! Via Zoom 12/04/22

Budtending, Patient Care, Dispensary Industry Enrichment

Networking, personal stories, building your tribe!

Flower Classifications – strain science and research

Advanced Concentrates Information – Patient & product matching

Understanding Physical Ailments & Conditions

Medicinal absorption rate discussion

Interactive Q & A

Prizes awarded for class participation

Resume review and analysis, career coaching, and more!

Certificate for participation and much more!

*Reserve your spot! Limited spots are available.

Early cancellations are eligible for equal value exchange. Please review our cancellation policy prior to enrolling.

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July 5th, July 13th


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