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Herbal Risings offers several programs of Cannabis Education. These programs includes courses on budtending, patient care, extraction experts, lab technicians, kitchen infusions, and more.

CBD and Seizures

Mar 17,17

Newly compiled evidence gathered from early research studies, small trial groups, and personal stories suggests cannabidiol was effective in reducing frequency and severity of seizures in both children and adults.  What is Epilepsy? Epileptic seizures are caused by misfiring or abnormal signals occurring among brain cells. Convulsions sometimes can alter senses, causing the sufferer to lose consciousness. The spasms can last seconds to several minutes. Dravet Syndrome Dravet Syndrome is a rare and severe form of epilepsy that begins in infancy. Constant care is required for someone suffering from Dravet syndrome which can severely impact the patient’s and the caretaker’s quality of life. Patients with Dravet syndrome face a 15-20% mortality rate due to sudden unexpected death, prolonged seizures, and seizure-related accidents.  Ia a recent study, 13% of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy became seizure-free with a help of CBD treatment. Patients and families rely on research to seek a better quality of life for their loved ones. Setting …

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Budtending 101 Question: How do I tell what questions I missed?

Dec 8,16

“How do I tell what questions I got wrong?” Once you have taken a quiz, Herbal Risings allows you to check your results. To view your quiz results, click on the quiz on the gray unit bar located on the right hand side of the dashboard. If you wish to retake the quiz, click on the green “retake quiz” button. This will reset the quiz for you. You may only reset your quiz once, so please do not abuse the opportunity. For more information about Budtending 101, click here to learn more.

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Getting The Most From Keynote Speakers: Cannabis Jobs and Industry Advancement

Jun 14,16

Information presented in class and lectures contains information relevant to the cannabis industry. Yet attendees of classes, expos, and conferences often do not realize the important of learning from guest speakers. These types of presentations are frequently packed with vital information which could be critical to your advancement in the cannabis field. Keynote cannabis speakers are not just blowing smoke! They are typically carefully chosen based on their backgrounds and experiences, and for their abilities to share pertinent and relevant information to their audiences. At the Herbal Risings TerpU cannabis campus, students are encouraged to participate in note taking during the guest speaker portion of class. Here are some suggestions to help you get the most from a speaker’s presentation. Must have: -Proper environment to assume listening mode. At the Herbal Risings TerPU cannabis campus, students listen to guest speakers in a classroom environment. -Access to note taking materials. Make sure to record key points …

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Special Thank You | Cannabis Industry Class & Workshop

Apr 24,16

Herbal Risings would like to thank all of our April guest speakers! And a very special thank you goes to Alex Sandorf of Dos Vapes for being such a supporter of the Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop. The guest speakers of 2016 have raised the level of expertise and quality. New to the Staff MMJ TerpU campus, Tabitha Gypsy spoke on behalf of Desert Valley Testing at April 23rd’s class. Guest Speakers (April 2016) Alex Sandorf from Dos Vapes; Tabitha Gypsy of Desert Valley Testing; Mikel Weisser, Arizona state director of Norml; Schoefield and Schoefield; Andrew Young and Cynthia from Spray-N-Relief; Sara Gullickson of Dispensary Permits; Chelsea Mulligan Palomo of FOCUS; The Schofield family from Schofield N Schofield.

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Arizona Live Workshop May Guest Speakers Just Announced

Apr 23,16

The Staff MMJ TerpU Cannabis Campus welcomed back guest presenter Cornucopia back to Herbal Risings Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop in May. Cornucopia, who helped make April’s workshop such a success, is an Arizona company who demands a standard for quality and professionalism within their cannabis infusions kitchen. In addition, Scott Pierce, of Herbal Wellness Center Phoenix , joined the May lineup. Scott is the general manager of Herbal Wellness Center’s West Valley location, and spoke on behalf of the dispensary’s employment needs. Also new to the lineup is a presentation from Mary’s Medicinals, an advanced cannabinoid product company based out of Arizona. Brandon Higgins was there representing Mary’s Medicinals. And Mikel Weisser, Arizona state director of Norml, dove into Cannabis History: 10,000 years ago to now. Don’t miss the next exciting workshop! Click here for more info or call 602-476-8868. Want to see more from Staff MMJ? Follow us on Facebook, …

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Guest Speakers Cannabis Workshops Spring 2016 | Phoenix

Mar 9,16

We are excited to announce our lineup for our March Cannabis Workshops! The Spring 2016 classes will feature new guest speakers that are united by the theme of Principles & Standards in Cannabis Patient Care. Cannabis is present in almost everything we do, whether we know it or not. Cannabis permeates our lives, from what we eat and where it comes from, to how we use it, build our culture,  and impact the communities that we share with each other. This is especially true here in Phoenix. The Valley is the heart and soul of contemporary Arizona, but is lesser known for its bustling medical marijuana industry consisting of registered patients,  licensed dispensaries, agents, labs, doctors, ancillaries, plant advocates, and legalization activists. Preserving this community is just one of the many reasons why it’s important for new budtenders and dispensary agents to protect the natural fellowship and unspoiled traditions that we have left. The keynote speakers in the Spring 2016 cannabis workshop events: …

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Staff MMJ hosts marijuana classes – New Phoenix Cannabis Campus location

Feb 25,16

New Class Location Our new In-Class and Workshop portion of our program has a new location. The TerpU Cannabis Campus of Staff MMJ Phoenix, Arizona If you have any questions or require more information, please call the office at 602-476-8868

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Budtending 101 – Marijuana Classes

Feb 23,16

WHAT TO EXPECT  Whether you want to learn cannabis or are interested in becoming a professional budtender, this online course will give you a great foundation on the fundamentals of medical marijuana as well as rundown on patient care, ailments & conditions, concentrates/edibles and tricks for finding a dispensary job. Herbal Risings will show you how to achieve the goals you want to reach. You’ll learn how to communicate with patients, and help them buying decisions, as well as introduce new and exciting products. Herbal Risings will show you our tricks of the trade and tips about how to get into the industry, along with basics of keeping medical marijuana jobs. We will help give you the confidence to create a nurturing relationship with patients, or to pursue opportunities and further education in the cannabis industry. Please note that you will need to have certain capabilities to fully participate in …

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