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Herbal Risings offers several programs of Cannabis Education. These programs includes courses on budtending, patient care, extraction experts, lab technicians, kitchen infusions, and more.

Why Cannabis Training Could Change Your Life

Feb 5,19

Why Cannabis Training Could Change Your Life  If you are currently employed in the cannabis industry or actively looking to enter it, then cannabis training could be just what you are looking for! The cannabis industry is not only booming across North America, but it’s also becoming a massive global sector with thousands of employees and hundreds of different growers and manufacturing companies. With all this growth, many people are looking at entering the cannabis sector as budtenders and dispensary agents. With so many people trying cannabis and CBD products for the first time, you need to know the answers to a lot of different questions. You can’t just assume that people will know what they’re looking for. Here, you’ll learn how to make accurate product recommendations by listening to your customers and applying the knowledge inside the dispensary. When new customers enter dispensaries, they are often unsure about what …

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Blog Archives: Get Enrolled This Weekend – Career Class Happening Monday

Nov 10,18

Last chance to enroll in Monday’s cannabis career class. Get educated in the cannabis industry! Includes in-depth look at flower classifications, dispensary agent qualifications/responsibilities, ailments and conditions, terpenes, cannabinoids, and you’ll have a chance to have your resume reviewed. Pizza will be provided in case you get hungry. We’ll have cbd samples on hand for you to try. At the end of the night, you’ll get a certificate of participation and follow-up instructions to get you started in the right direction. This class is held in person at the Glendale CBD Dispensary located at 6506 W. Glendale Avenue. Class begins at 6pm. Call 602-476-8868 for more information about the class. Can’t make it to this class? Get started on the pre-recorded video course now!

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How to get a medical marijuana recommendation in Oklahoma

Nov 10,18

You must have a medical marijuana recommendation to buy from an Oklahoma dispensary. Here's what you should know before talking to your doctor about cannabis.

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CLOSED: October Scavenger Hunt

Oct 17,18

We’re excited about October– it’s a great time to harvest clues to our scavenger hunt! Email us with your answers for a chance to win one of many prizes! We’re giving away class passes, cbd prize packs, and more! How many courses does Herbal Risings offer? Which course is best for someone who wants to be hired as a concentrates specialist? How many courses show the ghost pumpkin? (this page doesn’t count) What are the main differences in Budtending 101 and Principles & Standards? What are the main colors of the Herbal Risings logo? BONUS! Find the Ghost Pumpkin on select courses and save 50% when you click on it!

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How do I get a copy of my certificate?

Jun 28,18

How do I get a copy of my certificate?  If you have lost, misplaced, or damaged your certificate and need a copy, you can order a digital copy by emailing Include your full name and certificate number or course completion date. If you do not have your certificate number and can not remember your course completion date, you may order a replacement certificate. The certificate search and replacement fee is $20. Order your certiicate here. A certificate will be printed an mailed to you within (2) weeks.

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How do I access my course?

May 3,18

How do I access my course? Once the order is finished processing, your course will be available on the student dashboard. Alternatively, you may access the course directly from the course catalog.  Choose your course to be directed to the course dashboard. Click the green “Start/Continue Course” button on the right hand side. See Example 1. Example 1

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We’re looking for our next class of budding students

Apr 16,18

Herbal Risings is seeking talented students for our next Cannabis Career Workshop. Herbal Risings graduates work with a career coordinator in the business. Our classes fill up fast and typically last 4-5 hours. **THIS CLASS REQUIRES PRE-REGISTRATION PRIOR TO ATTENDING.** Our Cannabis Career Workshop is a great opportunity for aspiring cannabis professionals to get beneficial patient scenarios with instructors and peers. This class is a one-day class and is is 4 hours long. ENROLL NOW to set up your registration! Cannabis Career Workshop $299, one-day class package Registration includes reservation in one-day class, 4 hours of lecture in a fun learning environment, engaging q& session, challenging activities, workbook and materials, casual meal (usually pizza), and access to after care services.  After-care services include resume assistance, career guidance, and opportunities to get involved with Herbal Risings including the Advisory Board and Alumni Network. Class Itinerary –Check-in– –Introductions– Block 1: Budtending practices, …

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A Nation Misled – Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Apology

Apr 9,18

Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta didn’t always support medical cannabis. Lately, he has become a hero to the marijuana community. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is the chief medical correspondent for CNN, reports health and medical news of shows domestically and internationally. In his 2013 article, Why I changed My Mind About Weed, Dr Gupta says “As much as I searched, I could not find a documented case of death from marijuana overdose.” Dr. Gupta goes on to apologize for not listening to the mountains of patient stories whose symptoms improved with cannabis. Once thought of as a desperate cry for attention from potheads, the patient stories were overshadowed by the Drug Enforcement Agency’s schedule 1 classification for marijuana. Surely, he said, they must have some reason as to why marijuana is in the category of the most dangerous drugs that have “no accepted medicinal use and a high potential for abuse. Our country …

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Can Someone Else Pay For My Course?

Mar 15,18

Can Someone Else Pay For My Course? Yes, anyone with a valid credit card may order courses for you. Mom, Grandpa, Wife, Best Friend, Employer–  may order your class but they must enter your name on the order screen. (Please make sure billing details originate to the name of the card holder.) Setting Up Student’s Order The student’s name must be recorded in the Additional Information section at checkout in order for proper certificate to be issued. If there is an issue with the name on your account, you must contact us prior to submitting your finished course to us. Failure to do so may result in certificate issuance in your name rather than the student’s name. It is very important to update your account with correct information prior to course certification. EXAMPLE        

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