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Due to the increased complexity and relative lack of examples for services, this course will focus on how students can integrate a compassionate approach to develop strategies for CBD and other cannabinoid product developments.


1. Basic cannabinoid information, seizures, and the effect of CBD on them, as well as a look into mental disorders such as Autism and the effect of cannabidiol on these disorders.

2. Learn about the endocannabinoid system and the way the body is laid out to accept CBD

3. Understand methods and the importance of accurate dosage and the impact that it has

4. Explore techniques and the importance of temperature when trying to keep the cannabinoids intact

5. Cannabinoid Differences: Inactive THC and the correlation to CBD treatment and the benefits of using both

6. How to establish a protocol in order to effectively treat specific illnesses, and the profound effect it has in treatment protocols  📷📷

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