Celebrating 2 Years: Group Classes at Staff MMJ Campus

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Celebrating 2 Years of groups classes at the Staff MMJ campus!  The Herbal Risings team celebrated 2 years at the Staff MMJ campus in Phoenix, Arizona!  The campus helped us deliver the Herbal Risings’ mission of a quality classroom learning experiences! In the News Staff MMJ Expands Campus, Makes Room for Herbal Risings Cannabis Classroom Notes […]

Special Thank You | Cannabis Industry Class & Workshop

Arizona cannabis campus

A Very Special Thank You to Our Guest Speakers Herbal Risings would like to thank all of our April 2016 guest speakers! And a very special thank you goes to Alex Sandorf of Dos Vapes for being a supporter of the Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop. The guest speakers have raised the […]

Arizona Live Workshop May Guest Speakers Announced

guest speakers

The Staff MMJ Campus welcomed guest speakers Cornucopia back to Herbal Risings Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop in May. Cornucopia, who helped make April’s workshop such a success, is an Arizona company who demands a standard for quality and made from scratch recipes within their cannabis infusions kitchen. In addition, Scott Pierce, of Herbal Wellness Center […]

Guest Speakers Cannabis Workshops Spring 2016 | Phoenix

guest speakers

We are excited to announce our lineup for our March Cannabis Workshops! The Spring 2016 classes will feature new guest speakers that are united by the theme of Principles & Standards in Cannabis Patient Care. Cannabis is present in almost everything we do, whether we know it or not. Cannabis permeates our lives, from what we eat and where […]