We are excited to announce our lineup for our March Cannabis Workshops! The Spring 2016 classes will feature new guest speakers that are united by the theme of Principles & Standards in Cannabis Patient Care.

Cannabis is present in almost everything we do, whether we know it or not. Cannabis permeates our lives, from what we eat and where it comes from, to how we use it, build our culture,  and impact the communities that we share with each other. This is especially true here in Phoenix. The Valley is the heart and soul of contemporary Arizona, but is lesser known for its bustling medical marijuana industry consisting of registered patients,  licensed dispensaries, agents, labs, doctors, ancillaries, plant advocates, and legalization activists. Preserving this community is just one of the many reasons why it’s important for new budtenders and dispensary agents to protect the natural fellowship and unspoiled traditions that we have left.

The keynote speakers in the Spring 2016 cannabis workshop events:

3/10 – Mikel Weisser of AZNorml, Peggy Noonan of Cornucopia, and Kathy Inman of MomForce

3/12 – Get Hybrid Social, Kim Prince, and Mikel Weisser of AZNorml

3/24 – Alex of Dos Vapes

3/26 – Brendon Schofield (Dispensary insurance & law)

4/14 – TBA

Updates to the 2016 series of Phoenix events are available now on our Facebook, and will be on sale by visiting the workshop catalog here. Discount tickets for groups can be purchased by calling 602-476-8868. Please note that all workshops are held on either Thursdays or Saturdays, in the Phoenix/Sunnyslope area. If you are interested in speaking at one our cannabis workshops, please contact us with your credentials. We look forward to seeing you there!