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A Very Special Thank You to Our Guest Speakers

Herbal Risings would like to thank all of our April 2016 guest speakers! And a very special thank you goes to Alex Sandorf of Dos Vapes for being a supporter of the Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop.

budtender class
Alex Sandorf of Dos Vapes

The guest speakers have raised the level of expertise and quality. New to the campus, Tabitha Gypsy spoke on behalf of Desert Valley Testing at April 23rd’s class.

budtending class phoenix
Tabitha Gypsy of Desert Valley Testing – Photo Credit: Tara Brown
shofield and shoefield
Schoefield and Schoefield
marijuana class phoenix
Sara Gullickson from Dispensary Permits
marijuana class
Andrew Young of Spray N Relief
budtender school phoenx
Cynthia of Spray N Relief
Cannabis Workshop
Chelsea Mulligan, Palomo of FOCUS – Photo Credit Jennifer Tristan
Norml Arizona
Mikel Weisser, state director of Norml

Guest Speakers (Month of April)

Alex Sandorf from Dos Vapes; Tabitha Gypsy of Desert Valley Testing; Mikel Weisser, Arizona state director of Norml; Schoefield and Schoefield; Andrew Young and Cynthia from Spray-N-Relief; Sara Gullickson of Dispensary Permits; Chelsea Mulligan Palomo of FOCUS; The Schofield family from Schofield N Schofield.

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