Arizona Live Workshop May Guest Speakers Announced

guest speakers

The Staff MMJ Campus welcomed guest speakers Cornucopia back to Herbal Risings Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop in May. Cornucopia, who helped make April’s workshop such a success, is an Arizona company who demands a standard for quality and made from scratch recipes within their cannabis infusions kitchen.

In addition, Scott Pierce, of Herbal Wellness Center Phoenix , joined the May lineup. Scott is the general manager of Herbal Wellness Center’s West Valley location, and spoke on behalf of the dispensary’s employment needs.

Also new to the lineup is a presentation from Mary’s Medicinals, an advanced cannabinoid product company based out of Arizona. Brandon Higgins was there representing Mary’s Medicinals.

And Mikel Weisser, Arizona state director of Norml, dove into Cannabis History: 10,000 years ago to now. Don’t miss the next exciting workshop! Click here for more info or call 602-476-8868.

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