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Assistant Baker & Kitchen Infusion

Course Goals

  • Understand setting, duties, and responsibilities of the kitchen assistant
  • Demonstrate best practices for safety 
  • Ability to navigate your way through a cannabis kitchen
  • Use oral and written kitchen cannabis terminology
  • Perform basic kitchen preparation tasks
  • Exhibit knowledge of industrystandards, ethics, laws and regulations

The kitchen infusion course includes explanation of temperature, handling and storage, with a focus on culinary techniques as well as baking techniques. We even explain to you the next steps you’ll take after finishing this course.

Understand, demonstrate, and utilize the Herbal Risings standard of service through a commitment toward becoming an ethical kitchen infusion tech.

If you are looking for headstart as an infusion assistant, but need to brush up on your kitchen experience, this is the course for you. Even if you are a seasoned chef, but you are looking to break into the Medical Marijuana world, this course will be a great asset to your resume. If you have no prior kitchen experience this course will give you all the fundamentals to working in a kitchen! 

The Herbal Risings Cannabis Education Training Program was developed for dispensary bound goals. Herbal Risings Certificate ensures that associated dispensaries and other employers adhere to best practices by meeting Herbal Risings Principles & Standards. An Herbal Risings certificate gives students, learners, health care practitioners, dispensaries, employers, job seekers peace of mind. The Herbal Risings goals  are to instill industry standard of excellence in the areas of consistency, accountability, and quality care in the emerging market. Herbal Risings cultivators leaders in the medical cananbis industry. Visit the Herbal Risings Course Catalog to see our current offerings.

Units in this program

Herbal Risings' Kitchen Infusion Course

Proper food training can help prevent cross-contamination and the spread of infectious germs. Maintaining a clean kitchen is the single most important aspect of your kitchen training. In Unit 1, you’ll learn how to clean and sanitize your equipment. 

Healthy eating is becoming increasingly popular as kitchen chefs begin to shift away from high-calorie foods and towards healthier options. With the rise of food allergies, eating healthy is not just a personal preference, but a matter of necessity. This unit explores the areas of basic nutrition and health inside the kitchen.


In this unit, you will learn how to navigate your way through a commercial kitchen by understanding the tools and equipment needed to successfully manage your tasks. 

View Concentrates Course

Physicians are beginning to encourage patients to treat their food choices as medicine in a way that lets them take better care of themselves and potentially heal themselves.

This unit will cover culinary techniques and styles that are commonly used in commercial kitchens. 

In this final unit, you will learn baking theory and techniques utilized in cannabis kitchens. 

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nicki Foxx
Nicki Foxx has worked with medical cannabis since 2010, and has immersed herself in the culture of the plant since 1997. In collaboration with Herbal Risings, Nicki developed a course focused on providing education to people looking to supplement their diets with cannabis.

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