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How to Get a Budtender Job with No Experience

What to know about getting a budtender job

There are Learning Opportunities everywhere!

Think about all the medical marijuana states in existence such as Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Washington, among the others. There are twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia who currently have legalized marijuana in some form. These kind of numbers lead to the belief that cannabis is becoming a major job creation source for the United States.

Now is an exciting time to consider a career in an emerging industry. Working as a budtender is a good way to get involved because there’s no experience quite like face-to-face experience. You will want to brush up on all your cannabis communications research. We suggest visiting Leafly to get familiar with strains. Or visit Weedmaps to learn about brands in your dispensary.

How to get a budtender job with no experience

In order to move up within any job, you have to earn your way through the ranks. It isn’t any different in dispensaries.

Depending on the dispensary, budtenders can be some of the greatest assets working there and they’re always at the center of attention when it comes to patients and customers.

By getting a budtender job, you can get your foot in the door and start working your way toward management. Working as a budtender exposes you to customers in a way that makes them happy, you are also providing them with legal access to cannabis.  After budtending for a while and getting a feel for dispensary culture and how the industry works, you can move up by shadowing the lead budtender.

What else should I know?

Do you still want to know more about budtending before going through the application processs? If starting off by winging it doesn’t sound quite sound appealing, then you could always choose to take budtending classes if you want to get a dispensary job with no experience. By taking budtending classes, you’ll learn everything that you need to know when it comes to talking to customers.

When it comes to budtending school, you’ll study under individuals who have worked in the professional side of cannabis, and learn the skills you need to be able to keep up with the challenging work of running a dispensary. Here’s where we come in.

Herbal Risings Cannabis College is a leading online Budtender School that serves students Nationwide and in Canada who want to get involved with budtending. We know exactly what it takes for someone to get a budtending job. That’s why our instructors provide students with the knowledge they need through real-life training experiences in group setting. We also have easy-to-follow comprehensive online courses if classrooms aren’t your thing.

Once you’ve finished with your classes, we offer you opportunities to find a job through our aftercare job placement program, a program set up with several partners who have relied on us for years to provide them with both part-time and full time referrals.

With our dedication and the quality of education that we provide, no other budtending school can compare to us!

Are you ready to learn more about budending? If the answer is yes then get in touch with Herbal Risings Cannabis College today by requesting more information here.

We’ll help you prepare for a budtending job with no experience in as little one day!

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photo credit – Kate Ter Haar