About The Cannabis Training Budtending 101 Course

Earn your Herbal Risings Budtender Certification online with the Cannabis Training Budtending Course designed for those who want to apply the best knowledge to their patient care practices. If you want to become a budtender or need to improve your dispensary training experience, this course is the Budtending 101 of all courses!

Course Objectives

After the completion of Budtending 101, you should be able to:
1. Understand setting, duties, and responsibilities of budtending jobs.
2. Demonstrate best practices for customer interaction.
3. Ability to identify a patient’s medical cannabis needs.
4. Obtain pre-emptive problem-solving skills to utilize within a dispensary.
5. Use oral and written medical cannabis terminology.
6. Demonstrate knowledge of common state-approved diseases and conditions.
7. Perform basic dosage recommendations.
8. Exhibit knowledge of dispensary standards, ethics, laws and regulations.

Who Benefits From This Course

This course is designed for professionals aspiring to become budtenders. Future dispensary agents, current budtenders, trimmers, and others who want to pursue medical marijuana jobs are the key beneficiaries of this course. Budtending 101 is an excellent introduction for anyone who wants to learn the synergestic effect between the human body and cannabis.

Budtending 101 students should have prior customer service or hospitality experience. Prior exposure or knowledge of medical marijuana is not required, but definitely beneficial.

Learn the fundamentals of entry-level dispensary jobs including budtender expectations, concentrates, patient care, classifications, and more. Must pass course with an 80% to receive certificate. 6 unit text course (with photos). 24/7 access to potfessors for Q&A. Certificate of achievement. *Regularly peer-reviewed by industry professionals.

About the Herbal Risings Certificate Program

The Herbal Risings Certificate Program was developed for dispensary bound goals.

Herbal Risings Certificate ensures that associated dispensaries and other employers adhere to best practices by meeting Herbal Risings Principles & Standards.

An Herbal Risings certificate gives students, learners, health care practitioners, dispensaries, employers, job seekers peace of mind.

The Herbal Risings goals  are to instill industry standard of excellence in the areas of consistency, accountability, and quality care in the emerging market.

Herbal Risings cultivators leaders in the medical cannabis industry.

Visit the Herbal Risings Course Catalog to see our current offerings.

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Course Curriculum

Budtender Expectations Unlimited
Unit 1 Quiz Unlimited
Flower Classifications Unlimited
Unit 2 Quiz Unlimited
Intro to Concentrates Unlimited
Unit 3 Quiz Unlimited
Edibles Unlimited
Unit 4 Quiz Unlimited
Ailments and Conditions Unlimited
Unit 5 Quiz Unlimited
Healer, Not a Dealer Unlimited
Final Exam: Budtending 101 Unlimited

Course Reviews


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  1. Good course!


    Good course! Thank you!

  2. Budtending 101


    I am very happy with this course. I would recommend to anybody and everybody with an interest in medicinal marijuana.

  3. Great course!


    Information packed but doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

  4. Boosted Career


    Super easy to follow, and provides good resources for learning about budtender customer terminology.

  5. Boosted Career


    I loved my experience at Herbal Risings. My employer thought this class would help me since I had no experience, and she was right! I would highly recommend anyone to this course. The knowledge you obtain sets you up for a successful career in cannabis! I have no complaints.

  6. very interesting


    I learnt a lot of valuable information that can be applied in the medical marijuana industry and these skills can be applied to many other fields also worth the time and money

  7. Budtending 101


    I highly recommend the budtending 101 and concentrates course.

  8. Easy, yet informative


    Compared to the other types of online schooling for cannabis that I have taken, this site seems to be a lot more professional. I was surprised at how short the quizzes were, but the information that was in each section was well-written and easy to read and understand. Excited to continue onto more courses!

  9. Great!


    I learned some things I didn’t know, and the course was super easy to follow. I might just buy the advanced course so I can further better myself.

  10. Great beginners course


    Great course for an introduction to the MMJ dispensary world. I hunger for more knowledge now!!

  11. Fun and Lots of reading


    i learned lots of good information i thought i knew already.

  12. Great educational course!


    Covers all the basics and most important- customer service!

  13. Great Course


    This was fantastic and informative! Great course!

  14. Great Course


    Very to the point, informative course. I will definitely be taking a couple more!

  15. Budtending 101


    I loved taking this course. I learned so much on top of all the medical stuff I already knew from being a pharmacy tech, doing some MA schooling, and working front desk at a naturopathic doctor office. I’m so proud of myself for passing with pretty high marks.I can’t wait to start my career in the cannabis industry.

  16. Loved It!


    I absolutely love the online classes! The course provides you with a great amount of notes on each module. Each quiz, including the final exam, gave real life questions and situations that happens in the dispensaries. Gives lots of information, only thing is website froze on me 2x. But overall happy with course.

  17. Informative Course


    I came into this class with previous knowledge on Marijuana including types of strains and extracts, but this class does a really good job of breaking them down individually and explaining each. The part that I liked the most was what marijuana could do for each individual medical condition, hopefully when more research comes out we will be able to see the effects it has on more of these conditions.

  18. Was fun and interesting!


    Always a great investment when you have a certificate of completion to show new employers, patients, or grumpy grand parents… Go cannabis education!

  19. Must Take Course


    This course was easy to follow and flexible allowing me to go at my own pace. The units are full of tips and advise to help navigate the day to day life at a dispensary. I would even recommend this class for patients wanting a better understanding of medical marijuana and how their dispensary works.

  20. great course


    I actually learned more than I expected really good easy to follow course.!!!!!!!

  21. Nice refresh and super easy


    Wow! Somethings I learned along my way into personally studying of the cannabis plant for my personal use and wanted more to talk about it than just “yeah, i like weed”. I wanted to know which type I liked better, or to have more dominant in a hybrid. But there are other thing in this course I did not know about. And it was super easy and fast! Got it done in one afternoon. Easy enough for a beginner to learn, and other info even a seasoned smoker would not know unless they had some biology background.

  22. Budtending


    I really liked all the knowledge I gain from this site ,thank you

  23. Great, Informative course!


    I love the way this course is set up. It provides you with organized, accurate information! I would definitely recommend this course to friends and aspiring budtenders to be.
    Also, I’d like to thank Staff MMJ for providing me with this complimentary course thanks to giving the best answer for wanting to work in the MMJ industry. I will definitely be purchasing the other courses. Thanks!

  24. Great Course


    The course was very informative and the staff was quick to answer my questions. I would recommend this course to others wanting to learn more about MMJ.

  25. Great entry level course


    Was a great course to expand knowledge about MMJ. Would definitely recommend if you wanted to learn about all the basics of MMJ.

  26. Definetly recommend!


    Great course for knowledge about medical marijuana. Learned lots of new information.

  27. Good Beginner Course

    Definitely advanced my basic knowledge, very pleased with this budtender course.

  28. LOVED IT!


    Never thought I’d learn so much in such little time. For medical disorders, and how to treat them to Understanding what the best prescriptions are! Looking forward to starting my new career path!
    Thanks H.R.C.C.C.

  29. Good course


    Very informative and easy to read course.

  30. Excellent Course


    Very informative course.I really like about this course is it doesn’t have start date and end date.

  31. 5

    this course helped a lot thank you!

  32. great course

    this course was very helpful.

  33. Great beginnings


    If you don’t know anything at all about budtending, its great for foundation to build upon.

  34. very informative!


    for a person like myself that doesn’t know anything and learning from scratch! it was very informative and no dought worth the money!

  35. Feeling accomplished


    I didn’t think I was going back to school at my age, but the education I received through Budtending 101 is more knowledge than I ever received in school!

  36. Learned a lot!


    Just finished up my course and passed! I’m so excited to take this knowledge to my new dispensary! THANKS!!!

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