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How to Get a Budtender Job with No Experience

When it comes to budtending school, you'll study under individuals who have worked in the professional side of cannabis, and learn the skills you need to be able to keep up with the challenging work of running a dispensary.

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Budtending 101 Question: How do I tell what questions I missed?

“How do I tell what questions I got wrong?” Once you have taken a quiz, Herbal Risings allows you to check your results. To view your quiz results, click on the quiz on the gray unit bar located on the right hand side of the dashboard. If you wish to retake the quiz, click on the green “retake quiz” button. This will reset the quiz for you. You may only reset your quiz once, so please do not abuse the opportunity. For more information about Budtending 101, click here to learn more.

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Budtending 101 – Marijuana Classes

WHAT TO EXPECT  Whether you want to learn cannabis or are interested in becoming a professional budtender, this online course will give you a great foundation on the fundamentals of medical marijuana as well as rundown on patient care, ailments & conditions, concentrates/edibles and tricks for finding a dispensary job. Herbal Risings will show you how to achieve the goals you want to reach. You’ll learn how to communicate with patients, and help them buying decisions, as well as introduce new and exciting products. Herbal Risings will show you our tricks of the trade and tips about how to get into the industry, along with basics of keeping medical marijuana jobs. We will help give you the confidence to create a nurturing relationship with patients, or to pursue opportunities and further education in the cannabis industry. Please note that you will need to have certain capabilities to fully participate in …

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