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Whether you want to learn cannabis or are interested in becoming a professional budtender, this online course will give you a great foundation on the fundamentals of medical marijuana as well as rundown on patient care, ailments & conditions, concentrates/edibles and tricks for finding a dispensary job. Herbal Risings will show you how to achieve the goals you want to reach. You’ll learn how to communicate with patients, and help them buying decisions, as well as introduce new and exciting products. Herbal Risings will show you our tricks of the trade and tips about how to get into the industry, along with basics of keeping medical marijuana jobs. We will help give you the confidence to create a nurturing relationship with patients, or to pursue opportunities and further education in the cannabis industry.

Please note that you will need to have certain capabilities to fully participate in this course:

-access to internet and ability to understand basic computer functions
-proper equipment for accessing website
-functioning email address

How it Works
The Budtending 101 course is accessible by logging on to HerbalRisings.com. (The link to enroll now is included here). The material to be covered is divided into 6 units, which may be completed at your own pace anytime, anywhere. There are no set class times, and no homework assignments due. Budtending 101 participants have unlimited access to potfessors/instructors for the duration of the course, to ask questions or just get encouragement. Our courses are flexible, and powered by humans. We’re happy to help people learn more about cannabis, and we can help you find medical marijuana jobs, too!

Budtending 101 has no prerequisites or skill requirements. This is a beginner level course. Feel free to contact us with any questions about Budtending 101.

Herbal Risings potfessors are known for their fresh perspectives on cannabis and medical marijuana jobs. Budtending 101 is regularly peer-reviewed by dispensary owners, and is a collaborative effort of multiple dispensary agents throughout the U.S.

There are no refunds provided for online courses. Please review our course terms for more information.


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