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Did you miss last month’s cannabis career exhibit at the Southwest Cannabis Career Expo (SWCC)? Or do you want a recap on a bit one of the speakers mentioned? Well, fear no more. Find all the photos, updates, and recaps of the career class right here. We’re bringing the class to you!

october 2017 herbal risings gold sponsor swcc expo

Our class director hit the mark hooking us up with a great selection of speakers that were selected for many lifestyles. A special thank you to Herbal Risings Director Chad Olshavsky for selecting such an incredible group of passionate people working in the cannabis industry. Justin Gurtler, Ryan Treacy, Sonja Shelton, and Charles Hector all earned high praise from the class, not only because of their leadership but most importantly because of their encouraging messages. Please enjoy the images and feel free to share the love.

Herbal Risings Cannabis Career Class “Exhibit”: Guest Speakers

U.S. Pain Foundation Volunteer April Olshavsky rocked the SWCC expo with her massive 30-person team of volunteers. Prior to the event, April had worked tirelessly with the organizers to provide a team of volunteer hospitality floor hosts to assist expo vendors.

On behalf of the U.S. Pain Foundation, we asked all of our floor hosts to wear blue in honor of pain patients everywhere and it was so great to see so many participate. The whole event came together beautifully.

Herbal Risings Career Class Hospitality Hosts
Thank you to all Herbal Risings floor hosts who wore blue in honor of chronic pain patients.

Congratulations to the Herbal Risings Cannabis Career Class Exhibit-at-the-Expo graduates!

Photo credit: Nicole Knox & all the members of the Hospitality Staff

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