A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis Training in New Jersey

Are you interested in becoming a certified medical cannabis professional in New Jersey? If so, you’re in luck. Herbal Risings offers a comprehensive one-day course designed to give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a successful dispensary technician.

The course begins with a two-hour class focused on dosing and administration. You’ll learn about the different types of cannabis products and how they can be used to treat different medical conditions. You’ll also learn how to select the right cannabis product and how to choose a dispensary or grow your own. This two-hour class prepares you for dispensary jobs serving customers and dispensing their purchases to them. After this final step in the course, you’ll complete an oral exam that covers everything that was learned during the class.

The job opportunities in this field are increasing. Not only is there a need for cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensary staff, but the effects on other sectors of the economy are huge.

The cannabis industry in New Jersey is rapidly growing, due to the recent legalization of adult-use cannabis. New Jersey has some of the most comprehensive regulations for cannabis businesses in the country, allowing for a wide variety of products and businesses to be available. With its large population and proximity to major cities such as New York and Philadelphia, the cannabis industry in New Jersey is sure to be an exciting and booming sector. Learn more about New Jersey’s regulations by visiting their website.

Overview of Our Online Cannabis Career Class

Herbal Risings is the ideal platform for those looking to further their careers. Unlike many of our competitors, we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible support in every stage of their career. We are committed to celebrating your successes and helping you through any losses, making us the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable platform to help them reach their professional goals. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to help you get the most out of your career.

Our training class is an excellent way to learn about the various job expectations and requirements associated with working in the cannabis industry. The class covers a wide range of topics, including ailements and conditions that can be treated with cannabis, dosing and flower classifications, types of products available, and methods of administration. It also covers the legal and regulatory aspects of the industry, as well as safety procedures and best practices.

At the end of the training class, participants will receive a comprehensive review of their resume from a qualified professional. This review will include advice on how to make their resume stand out from the competition,

Requirements for Enrollment

In order to participate in this training class, participants will need a computer or smart phone, a stable internet connection, and the Zoom application. Video is helpful, but not required. Participants should also have basic computer skills in order to maximize the benefits of the training class.

Course Content and Structure

This two hour non-credit course is conveniently scheduled at a time that works for you, as we will contact you to arrange the timing. During the two hours, we will cover 12 units of material and provide plenty of opportunities for questions. We will be using Zoom for the class, which will give us the ability to discuss each unit in detail and ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the topics covered. This course provides an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of the material and to ask any questions you may have.

Benefits of Taking the Course

Taking the cannabis course is a great way to gain fundamental knowledge and understanding of the cannabis industry. This course offers extensive review and practice of the fundamentals, as well as career support and resume help. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate to certify your time with us, which can be a valuable asset when looking for employment in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, you will have access to a knowledgeable team of professionals who are available to help guide you through your cannabis career journey.

Cost and Payment Options

For those looking to get a great deal on their next class, now is the time to take advantage! The cost of the class is usually $249, but it is available during our online sale for only $199. Plus, you can get started within 24 hours of paying, so you can begin learning right away. We also have financing options available for qualified individuals to make the class even more affordable. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity – act now!

Student Testimonials

This company really takes a lot of pride in their classes. Being a Supervisor to a non-profit organization a few years ago, I know the importance of training people for a field to make them stand out more than others less qualified.Herbal Risings goes above all of this and more. Their workbooks, speakers and presentation is outstanding!It is important to not only have some backing to appeal to a potential employer but equally important for the student to follow up themselves.Herbal Risings gives their students knowledge. It is up to the potential employee to use that knowledge to land the job! Highly recommend!

-Jenny A,

I had a pretty cool experience with Herbal Risings and learned a lot about cannabis, the industry, getting involved, and the next steps to take. Personally, it made a big difference for me and it is all what you make out of it.I was really thirsty so I did everything there was to offer at that time a couple years ago (class, resume, and mock interview). Chad, April, and their family have really done everything they could to prepare me and even suggested a place to take my resume to, let alone get me out in the scene with interviews and articles later on. Ive been managing my dispensary for almost a couple years now and I thank them for always being there for me.It is what you make out of it and if you take it seriously, nothing will stop you from attracting your destiny in this industry!

-Becky C.

I received my budtender certification from Herbalrising, I knew a lot of the knowledge already in the course but did learn a few things and enjoyed the guest speakers.Upon receiving my certification and putting it on my resume I found I started to get many more phone calls to jobs I applied to, and I found a job.With the help of April on my resume and being able to have something Cannabis related on my resume I got a job at a grow and have advanced significantly within the company.This class helped me greatly but what I did with the certification and my passion for cultivating Cannabis is why I had the success I’ve had, if you aren’t motivated to get out there and fight for the job and to find your niche then you’re not going to get far.

-Justin G.

Herbal Risings class was very informative and very helpful with passing my resume around. I recommend this class to anyone looking to get into the industry.

-Jay M.

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