A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis Training in New Jersey

Are you interested in becoming a certified medical cannabis professional in New Jersey? If so, you’re in luck. Herbal Risings offers a comprehensive one-day course designed to give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a successful dispensary technician. The course begins with a two-hour class focused on dosing and administration. You’ll learn […]

Pop Quiz Time! What is the Only Plant to Produce THC?

POP QUIZ TIME!!! What is the ONLY plant known to produce THC? Real shocker here, but the answer is cannabis! However, researchers have discovered new ways to harvest THC and other cannabinoids by growing plant cells in bioreactors in efforts to conserve land use.

Herbal Risings Career Class Featured on ABC15

Herbal Risings Budtending Class was featured on ABC15 nightly news. The film crew set up and recored our class in session during a Principles & Standards of Cannabis & Patient Care. Three Herbal Risings’ Alumni were interviewed on camera. Current dispensary agents shared their career stories while our very own Chad Olshavsky (Director of Certifications) shared […]

Marijuana Concentrates Effects For Pain Relief

marijuana concentrates effects

From vape cartridges to infused candies and dabs, there are lots of ways to experience marijuana concentrates effects for pain relief. Concentrates are made from processed cannabis material which has been isolated to keep the desired plant cannabinoids. Concentrates have more terpenes and cannabinoids which produces a stronger effect than flower alone. To understand the […]