A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis Training in New Jersey

Are you interested in becoming a certified medical cannabis professional in New Jersey? If so, you’re in luck. Herbal Risings offers a comprehensive one-day course designed to give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a successful dispensary technician. The course begins with a two-hour class focused on dosing and administration. You’ll learn […]

How to Become a Cannabis Retailer in Legal States

dried cannabis medical marijuana with dollar bill

Cannabis retail jobs are on the rise in legal states. With legalization, cannabis has become a booming industry and cannabis retail jobs are in high demand. There are a few things that you need to do before you can become a cannabis retailer. Cannabis retailers in legal states need to obtain licenses from their state’s […]

May & June Class Announcements


Exploring Cannabis Careers Dates 5/25 5/27 6/02 6/11 6/13 6/15 6/17 6/20 6/22 6/25 6/27 Principles & Standards of Cannabis Patient Care Workshop Dates 5/28 6/10 6/16 6/23 Beginner’s Grow Class Dates 6/2 6/11

Pop Quiz Time! What is the Only Plant to Produce THC?

POP QUIZ TIME!!! What is the ONLY plant known to produce THC? Real shocker here, but the answer is cannabis! However, researchers have discovered new ways to harvest THC and other cannabinoids by growing plant cells in bioreactors in efforts to conserve land use.

Spring Classes For Your Cannabis Career

With the month of April right around the corner, it is time to announce our upcoming Spring classes. Right off the bat, we start the month with the “Exploring Cannabis Careers” class on April 2nd, followed by our “Learn to Grow Class” just 30 minutes later. Then, on April 10th, we have our world-renown “Career […]