Herbal Risings is seeking talented students for our next Cannabis Career Workshop. Herbal Risings graduates work with a career coordinator in the business. Our classes fill up fast and typically last 4-5 hours.

**THIS CLASS REQUIRES PRE-REGISTRATION PRIOR TO ATTENDING.** Our Cannabis Career Workshop is a great opportunity for aspiring cannabis professionals to get beneficial patient scenarios with instructors and peers. This class is a one-day class and is is 4 hours long. ENROLL NOW to set up your registration!

Cannabis Career Workshop

$299, one-day class package

Registration includes reservation in one-day class, 4 hours of lecture in a fun learning environment, engaging q& session, challenging activities, workbook and materials, casual meal (usually pizza), and access to after care services. 

After-care services include resume assistance, career guidance, and opportunities to get involved with Herbal Risings including the Advisory Board and Alumni Network.

Class Itinerary



Block 1: Budtending practices, dispensary operations,

roles, responsibilities, product-to-customer practices,

terminology, ailments & conditions

–Meal break–

Block 2: Production, extracting, concentrates, and edibles dosing.

What to do next? Interview practices, resume evaluations, placement assistance.

Certificates issued

Enroll Now

For questions or more information, send an email to  admissions@herbalrisings.com. Classes are non-refundable, so please make arrangements to be there,