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Cannabis plant at sunrise

Empowering Cannabis Education

Step into the realm of Herbal Risings, where we blend the power of nature with the transformative potential of cannabis.

Cannabis plant at sunrise

Herbal Risings

Empowering Cannabis Education
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Cannabis Training Workshop

Gain essential knowledge and skills for navigating the cannabis industry

Budtending 101

Master the essentials of providing exceptional service in a retail cannabis store or dispensary

Scientific Budtender

Elevate your expertise in cannabis science for informed and professional customer assistance

Concentrates Specialist

Dive into the world of cannabis concentrates through an engaging and interactive virtual training

Beginner's Grow

Learn the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation from the comfort of your home

Assistant Baker/Kitchen

Unlock the culinary potential of cannabis with expert guidance and techniques

CBD For You

Explore the therapeutic benefits and practical applications of CBD in a concise and informative online training

Cannabis History

Journey through the captivating narrative of cannabis in an engaging pre-recorded video series

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and enlighten, equipping you with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices about cannabis and its incredible benefits. With Herbal Risings as your trusted guide, you’ll unlock the secrets of this remarkable plant and harness its potential to enhance your well-being.

Thoughtfully crafted to cater to everyone from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.



Enhance your professional credentials with a Certificate of Completion for every course you successfully undertake at Herbal Risings. These certificates not only add value to your resume, but also serve as a distinguished accolade when displayed in your dispensary or proudly showcased in your home. 

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I had a pretty cool experience with Herbal Risings and learned a lot about cannabis, the industry, getting involved, and the next steps to take. Personally, it made a big difference for me and it is all what you make out of it. I was really thirsty so I did everything there was to offer at that time a couple years ago (class, resume, and mock interview). Chad, April, and their family have really done everything they could to prepare me and even suggested a place to take my resume to, let alone get me out in the scene with interviews and articles later on. Ive been managing my dispensary for almost a couple years now and I thank them for always being there for me. It is what you make out of it and if you take it seriously, nothing will stop you from attracting your destiny in this industry!
Rebecca C.
Operations Manager

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Meet the team that made the dream

Chad Olshavsky



Chad O, Certifications Director at Herbal Risings, brings expertise and passion to ensure the highest standards in herbal wellness.

April Olshavsky

April O.

Curriculum Designer

April O, Curricula Designer at Herbal Risings, blends creativity and expertise to craft engaging educational programs.


Mikel W.

In Memory: historian

In Memory: Mikel preserves the rich legacy of cannabis through his extensive knowledge and captivating storytelling.

Unlock the Secrets of Herbal Wellness

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