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Top Photos From the 2016 SWCC Expo | Herbal Risings Industry Class

Herbal Risings and the organizers of The Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo came together to bring the first Herbal Risings’ Class Demonstration to the SWCC Expo! The 2016 SWCC Expo, sponsored by Vapen Clear, Weedmaps, and Phoenix New Times was an exciting professional and educational medical cannabis conference for the Arizona community.

Herbal Risings had the opportunity to demonstrate its Full Live Class at the expo this past October. We’d like to thank our presenters, Peggy Noonan, Mikel Weisser, Chad Olshavsky, Dwayne Bratcher, Cornucopia Infusions, and Arizona NORML for lending their voices and expertise to this group!

Take a look at some of the photos from the Herbal Risings class.

peggy of cornucopia infusionspeggy noonan of cornucopia

herbal risings

checking into herbal risings class

2016 swcc expo herbal risings

herbal risings at the expo

cannabis career herbal risings

cannabis orientation

herbal risings class

See their graduation photos here, or follow us on Instagram to stay current!

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