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What we do for our clients
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online courses

Online Training Courses

Introductory and advanced levels of online courses created to support your goals. Earn a certificate when you complete a course in Budtending, Concentrates, CBD, Assistant Kitchen Infusion, or Scientific Budtender.

online video course

Online Video Courses

Self-paced video courses created to align with your cannabis journey. Earn a certificate when you complete either the Principles & Standards or Cannabis History course. Filmed in front of a live workshop of students.

workshop training


Our workshop is a fun training environment designed to lay a better foundation for the road ahead. Together, we can help create better experiences for everyone enjoying the uses and benefits of cannabis. 

dispensary workshop

Career Guidance

Earn a Principles & Standards certificate for career assistance with an aftercare specialist. Get help with a resume, detailed application tips, or request a letter of qualification. 


With Herbal Risings, your journey is never a lonely road. Our curriculum is designed to learn at your own pace, and we'll help you if you get stuck. Each certificate that is issued is verified by our curriculum department to coursework accuracy. Our certificate is our stamp of acknowledgement for a job well done. 


Personalized learning that encouraging a high level of intra-class communication with plenty of opportunities for students to talk to each other and build a sense of community, and research shows teamwork boosts persistence. 

Three of my budtenders are certified through you. Just finished the course and I'm interested in...Read more

cannabis graduation

M. James

Budtending 101


Showcase Courses

Herbal Risings Cannabis Career College 

This is the space where experience grows. Enhancing your development in the cannabis industry- Herbal Risings Cannabis Career College.
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