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Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK, settled in 1889, is the largest city in Oklahoma. With a population of over 649,000 people, the state capital city boasts numerous booming job industries including oil, natural gas, petroleum, and has one of the world’s largest livestock markets. Locals and tourists can enjoy its many cultural festivals, touring the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, scenic beauty, or visiting the 119 acre Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The state of Oklahoma leads the nation in the number of licensed dispensaries with over 2000, according to the OMMA website. (as of April 2020). Now, should you find yourself wanting to work as a budtender in Ok, our training certification courses will be available to help you with your dispensary education.

Our top-notch dispensary education experts at Herbal Risings Cannabis Career College are working hard for Oklahoma City, OK applicants who need more training or help with their budtender resume. We have the best dispensary educators and budtending courses as we are interested in advocating for those dealing with a lack of product training, and dispensary terminology. With several years of experience working with all types of backgrounds, the full-service cannabis college has been helping clients in and around Oklahoma City since 2014, before medical marijuana was officially passed. Herbal Risings knows how having a budtending certification can boost an aspiring budtender’s self-esteem and alter the direction of the client’s future, which is why our training team goes all-in when providing our clients with successful results that work. The same can be said about meeting job qualifications. Whether you know everything about cannabis, or not, if you have a certification on your resume and have completed a budtender course, our Oklahoma City, OK dispensary experts can add at least one qualification to your resume.

If you have an upcoming interview with a dispensary in Oklahoma City, OK, our budtending course is ready to begin immediately and you can have a budender certification in as little as 24 hours.

Dispensary Certificate
Dispensary Certificate

Does My Course Certification Count as a Job Qualification?

When it comes to budtending, the job description of a dispensary budtender is vast.

Budtender Qualification Checklist

-Listening to patients’ needs and desires; processing information; and fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

-Educating patients on strain types and product ingredients.

-Empathizing with customer complaints, concerns, and ailments; troubleshooting vape devices.

-Computer skills and software navigation.

-Identifying and reciting dispensary products including different concentrates types, edibles, topicals, and more.

Other budtender job duties may include cleaning, sanitization, and tiding of workspace; bud inspection; inventory stocking; cash-handling and other payment processing methods.

While a budtender certification is not required to work in an Oklahoma City dispensary, it can help prove you have more than one qualification of the job. A budtender certificate provides third-party reference that you have above average computer skills, are able to navigate softwares, and have experience with reciting dispensary products and have been taught how to listen and empathize with the customer. In addition, a course certification in dispensary education shows that you invested in. yourself to further your career.

Do You Need Dispensary Education in Oklahoma City, OK? You Should Contact Our Admissions Team at admissions@herbalrisings.com. We Can Help!

Specializing in the betterment of individuals and companies in the cannabis space is what we do! Herbal Risings fulfills numerous roles during the job search process on the person’s behalf including:

-Creating a student profile to manage course progress.

-Reading and responding to student emails 24/7 hours a day.

-Evaluating course progress, tracking student activity, and recording student’s activity.

-Processing course results; Issuing certificate.

-Reviewing and analyzing resume; offering personalized advice.

Dispensary Training Course

Oklahoma City, OK Dispensary Education Certificate

In terms of employment, you most likely have asked yourself if a dispensary course can help. You may already know everything there is to know. So, why take a course? Our dispensary courses are designed to teach you the key areas of working inside a dispensary such as flower classifications, patient care, legal issues, and scientific applications of cannabis medicine. When you have a skills gap, you can earn a competitive edge over other applicants with a dispensary course certificate. A course certificate shows you have the discipline to back up your raw skills with teachings earned form the course material, according to Glassdoor. There are many dispensaries willing to pay more or offer promotion opportunities to employees who hold a dispensary course certificate. Our courses are 6 units long and can be completed in as little as 24 hours. However, you must read all the material and answer the questions carefully because will only be allowed to retake the course once. To earn your dispensary course certificate, you must earn 80% or greater on all quizzes including the final exam. You can earn a certificate in the areas of budtending, concentrates specialist, kitchen assistant, historian, or principles and standards of patient care. The best thing you can do to boost your skills is to take an online dispensary course which can be taken right from your home in Oklahoma City, OK.


A good budtender educates the patient on strains and offers product recommendations.


If you are looking for a company with a rooted history in dispensary education, Herbal Risings, LC certainly fits the bill. We devote as much time as necessary to career guidance whether you need help choosing a course or advice on applying at a dispensary in Oklahoma City, OK. Just be sure to contact our admissions department for a free consultation. Our admissions team at Herbal Risings is eager to help you just like they have with their clients since the beginning. Start in a course soon so we can add you to our alumni network!

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