Fast Facts: Arizona Medical Marijuana

Herbal Risings Workshops are fun and beneficial programs where budtenders and members of the community come together to enhance their cannabis knowledge. Our dispensary-approved classes are setting a standard in quality for patients and professionals in the Arizona marijuana industry.

A dispensary agent is a principal officer, board member, employee, or volunteer who is responsible for performing tasks in or on behalf of the dispensary.

You may create a free profile at and upload your resume for area dispensaries to see. Search, apply to jobs, and find opportunities in Arizona or legal medical marijuana states.

In Arizona, cannabis classes are helpful, but currently not required to become register a registered dispensary agent with the state. However, many dispensaries do require a certificate from a program such as Herbal Risings.

A certified budtender is a person who has completed six or more units of our standards program.

No, according to Arizona state law, a convicted felon may not work in a dispensary.

Yes, your full set of fingerprints must be submitted with your dispensary agent application before you can work in a dispensary. The fingerprints may be used to check for felony checks. You might be required to pay for your fingerprinting.

No. Dispensary agents are required to pass an excluded felony check, defined as violent crimes, controlled substance violations, and other offenses which can be found at the ADHS website.

Once hired with a dispensary, a principal member of the dispensary will register you as a dispensary agent with the state. You do not need to do anything prior to accepting a position in the industry. Once you are a registered dispensary agent, your dispensary must then apply for your Dispensary Agent Registry Identification Card. The application package must include a recent photo and dispensary agent FEE, often covered by the dispensary.

The minimum age to work in a dispensary is 21 years old.

This information is for referral sources only. Resourced from the ADHS website. Please consult ADHS medical marijuana program for any questions regarding licensures.

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