Budtending in Oklahoma: The state of Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana for qualifying patients in 2018. This led to an unprecedented amount of 2200 dispensaries opened putting Oklahoma in the lead for the most dispensaries in the nation. That’s far more than Arizona’s 130+ dispensaries. With this many dispensaries in Oklahoma, it would seem like it’s easy to find budtending opportunities in Oklahoma. However, that may not be the case.

Not only does Oklahoma rank the highest in dispensaries, it’s also highest per capita. The trend we’re starting to see in Oklahoma is that there is a tremendous competition level happening. Dispensaries really need to stand out to capture business because there is not one but two dispensaries on every corner. How does a dispensary stand out amongst the competition? Having a knowledgeable team is a good step. Patients want to encounter budtenders who know what they are talking about. So, how can you become a good budtender in a highly competitive state like Oklahoma?

It all starts with what you know. In addition to meeting minimum age requirements and passing a background check, the dispensary will be looking for folks who have experience or can prove their product knowledge. To become an Oklahoma budtender, you will need to be very familiar with state laws. A good budtender is never the last to know about law changes that affect their job. This is why we recommend getting involved with your local chapter of NORML or other advocacy organizations so that you can stay up-to-date with laws that may affect your job. And, it doesn’t hurt to have this type of organization listed on your resume.

Speaking of resumes, it is important that your resume is prepared for dispensary manager’s eyes. Applying for a dispensary job is no different than any other customer service job. Your resume needs to reflect any one-on-one experiences you’ve had with customers. This is the best way to show you are qualified for a dispensary job. What else can you do to spruce up your resume?

Earning a budtender certification is a step in the right direction, but it is important to list the credential on your resume. This will greatly improve your chances of catching a dispensary hiring manager’s attention.