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There are many reasons to become a member of These include:

Internal access to member portal at

With Herbal Risings, you have full access to the learning dashboard. You can live chat with course consultants daily and email instructors 24/7.

Human Access

At Herbal Risings, your account is assigned to a designated consultant and instructor. We are not robots. The website is automated, but your member experience is driven by real people who care about your experience! If you need help, we’re just a click away!

Affordable One-Time Costs

At Herbal Risings, we want you to grow with us! We try to keep costs as low as possible. We wish we could give these courses to you for free. Your one-time class charge helps us keep the lights on, so we can keep working to find the greatest answers to all your cannabis questions. Online course fees are $99 and on-campus group classes are $299.

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