Senior Citizen Cannabis Career Course

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About Course

Navigating Success in the Cannabis Industry for Senior Citizens

Are you an experienced professional aged 55+ who is eager to explore new horizons in the thriving cannabis industry? Join our comprehensive course designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by older workers entering this dynamic field.

Course Overview:

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve rapidly, seniors bring a wealth of experience, but they may encounter specific career struggles. This course aims to empower mature workers by providing insights, strategies, and tools to overcome challenges and excel in a competitive environment.

Contributions From:

A. Olshavsky — Dispensary Operations Developer

J. Anthony — Experience Works! – Former State Program Specialist


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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding Industry Dynamics:
  • Dive into the current landscape of the cannabis industry, gaining insights into its trends, innovations, and the diverse range of opportunities available.
  • Navigating Technological Shifts:
  • Address the fear of missing out on technological advancements. Learn practical strategies to bridge the technology gap, enhance your digital literacy, and stay competitive.
  • Overcoming Age-Related Stereotypes:
  • Explore the impact of age-related stereotypes and develop effective techniques to challenge and overcome them. Cultivate a mindset that leverages your experience as an asset, showcasing the unique perspectives you bring to the industry.
  • Building a Personal Brand:
  • Stand out in a crowded market by developing a personal brand that highlights your strengths, adaptability, and commitment to ongoing learning.
  • Networking in a Digital Age:
  • Conquer the challenges of networking in a digitally-driven world. Learn strategies to build meaningful connections, gain visibility, and navigate online platforms with confidence.
  • Health and Wellness Strategies:
  • Address concerns about physical demands and well-being within the cannabis industry. Discover ways to prioritize health, set realistic expectations, and align your career path with your personal wellness goals.
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace:
  • Develop strong communication skills to articulate your value proposition clearly. Learn to navigate workplace dynamics, ensuring your voice is heard and your contributions are recognized.
  • Success Stories and Insights:
  • Hear from industry experts and successful professionals who have overcome similar challenges. Gain valuable insights and inspiration to fuel your journey in the cannabis sector.

Course Content

Unit 1: Understanding Industry Landscape

  • Introduction
  • Trends, Innovations, and Opportunities
  • Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Unit 2: Navigating Career Entry Challenges

Unit 3: Networking and Social Presence in the Digital Age

Unit 4: Health and Safety

Unit 5: Customer Service Excellence in Different Roles

Unit 6: Cultural Sensitivity, Inclusivity, and Professional Development


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