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I failed my quiz. Can I retake it?

I failed my quiz. Can I retake it? Yes, you can try for a better score up to three times by using the “retake quiz” feature. Here are the steps to reset your quiz. Visit the course. You’ll see a green check mark in the final quiz indicating you’ve already taken the quiz. Click on it. See screenshots for reference. Click on “check results” towards the bottom of the page.         Scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a green button that says “retake quiz” Click on that button. Give it a few moments, and it should repopulate that final quiz.      

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How do I access my course?

How do I access my course? Once the order is finished processing, your course will be available on the student dashboard. Alternatively, you may access the course directly from the course catalog.  Choose your course to be directed to the course dashboard. Click the green “Start/Continue Course” button on the right hand side. See Example 1. Example 1

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Budtending 101 Question: How do I tell what questions I missed?

“How do I tell what questions I got wrong?” Once you have taken a quiz, Herbal Risings allows you to check your results. To view your quiz results, click on the quiz on the gray unit bar located on the right hand side of the dashboard. If you wish to retake the quiz, click on the green “retake quiz” button. This will reset the quiz for you. You may only reset your quiz once, so please do not abuse the opportunity. For more information about Budtending 101, click here to learn more.

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