Beginner’s Cultivation Class

Choosing Mediums

The three main medium types for growing cannabis are soil-planted, hydroponics, and soilless. Your plants will thrive as long as they have room to grow. Learn the pros and cons of each medium.

Choosing Nutrients

First-time growers can spend a fortune on unnecessary nutrients. Learn the main nutrients your plants need to properly develop.

Seed or Clone?

Both seeds and clones can be planted to grow into strong, healthy plants. Learn the challenges of working with both seeds and clones.

Natural Sun or Artificial Lights?

Cannabis is not a plant that enjoys the shade. Plants soak up lots of light. We’ll break down the differences between light sources.


Growing cannabis at home does not have to cost a fortune. But it can if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Pro Tips

Get firsthand tips from a professional commercial grower. Learn how to successfully grow from home.


Beginner’s Cultivation Class


This class is designed to give you the skills you need to be successful your first time or your 20th time growing cannabis in your home.

How to Grow Cannabis From Home

Flavorful taste, bright hairs, full-to-bursting buds: the endless array of cannabis varieties are the envy of any grower. A bountiful harvest feels like —here’s how to do it.

When to Plant Seedlings

The amount of gestation time can determine whether you have a successful seedling. But how you treat the plant from there can determine its size and growth time.


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