Colorado Medical Marijuana Jobs FAQ

Are you interested in finding a budtending job in Colorado? Do you want to enrich the quality of your work and enhance your patient care? Herbal Risings Cannabis Enrichment Program is a national e-college offering online courses for budtenders and support staff. We’re here to help you reach your greatest potential! You might be the best joint-roller at home, but that might not be enough to get noticed during the green rush. Before you decide if the marijuana industry is right for you, take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

[agroup first=”1″] [accordion title=”How can I find a job in the medical marijuana industry?”] You may search for marijuana jobs, post your resume, and create a free profile at [/accordion] [accordion title=”Does Colorado require dispensary agents to be licensed?”] Yes, employees of Colorado dispensaries are required to hold a valid Medical Marijuana occupational license. Interested applicants may apply for a license directly at the Colorado Department of Revenue Enforcement Division. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do I need a badge card before applying to work in a dispensary?”] Most Colorado dispensaries require job applicants to possess a valid occupational license at the time of resume submission. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do dispensaries require cannabis education or classes?”] Most dispensaries require some proof of previous knowledge in marijuana. Successfully completing a course such as Budtending 101 shows you can do more than roll a joint. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What is covered in Budtending 101?”] Budtending 101 is a six-unit, self-guided online course covering patient care, flower classifications, customer service, edibles/tinctures, and concentrates. It is a beginner budtender course intended for anyone interested in learning more about the marijuana industry. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How much does it cost to apply for a license to work as a budtender in Colorado?”] Employees of dispensaries providing services within the business need to apply for a dispensary support license. The cost is $150 and is nonrefundable, payable to Colorado Department of Revenue. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How long is the budtender license good for?”] The Colorado Medical Marijuana support employee license is good for 2 years. The Colorado medical marijuana occupational support license is intended for budtenders and other support employees. [/accordion] [accordion title=”I’m a master grower and want to work in a dispensary. How much is my license?”] Managers and operational decision-makers need to apply for a Colorado medical marijuana key occupational license. The fee for this license is $300. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What are the minimum requirements for qualifying for a Colorado badge?”] All applicants must be 21 or over and have fingerprints taken, and pass a background check. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do I have to be a resident of Colorado to apply for a badge?”] Yes, you must be able to prove your Colorado residency before applying for a badge card. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How long is a budtending certificate last?”] Once you successfully complete Budtending 101 with a score of 80% or better, you are a lifetime certified budtender with us. You are eligible to retake the course as material refreshes. Your certificate # is also stored in a database and is verifiable by hiring managers who may contact with your name to verify your certificate status. [/accordion] [/agroup]

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