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Top 30 CBD Uses And Benefits

Virtually tasteless and suitable for oral and topical uses and internal properties, cannabidiol CBD may be the most versatile phyto nutraceutical product on the market today. There are very few body, health, and mind issues that CBD cannot help. CBD has an amazing effect on the body, which can relax muscles when applied topically. It also has calming properties so it can help relax the mind and ease mental issues when taken orally. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of dozens of non-psychoactive cannnabinoids found in the plant. CBD can originate from either the cannabis plant or the hemp plant. Experts argue that both products are the same. However, retail level CBD comes from hemp, particularly the Cannabis Sativa which contains trace amounts of  the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. To the best of our knowledge, the Federal Drug Administration is able to regulate hemp CBD oil. The FDA defines hemp CBD as …

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The Varieties of Topicals

Topicals are processed forms of cannabis that are primarily derived from its oils and offer some of the most effective methods of delivery for pain relief. They work by penetrating the affected area with intense, targeted action. Pain is something most of us understand very well. Those who suffer from pain on a daily basis are left to study all sorts of pain relief treatments, medications, exercises, drugs, regimens, and more. The secret to unlocking your own pain relief isn’t always found in a pill bottle. It includes a variety of changes such as eliminating products that contain neural-toxins, stretching 3-5 times a week, massage, and cannabinoid-infused salves rubbed all over sore muscles and joints. Understanding the differences among cannabinoid topicals is essential for finding the best type that meets your needs. Here’s what you should know about cannabinoid topicals.   Lotion Lotions and moisturizers are enriched with oils and …

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Veterans, PTSD, and Pets: 4th of July

4th of July is here Independence Day is a time of celebration, but the Fourth of July festivities can be extremely stressful for veterans, pets, and other PTSD sufferers. Sudden, unexpected changes can trigger traumatic memories. In recent years, awareness campaigns went viral when neighborhoods started seeing yards with signs saying, “A combat veteran lives here, please be courteous with fireworks.”  The news stories were heartwarming and all, but did the mass awareness actually work? The odd part about all of this awareness-raising is that it doesn’t accomplish very much. The underlying assumption is that we have control over people’s behavior — that they make bad choices because they lack the information to make a proper decision otherwise — is, wrong. And what’s worse, awareness-raising can actually backfire, encouraging the negative behaviors. We don’t have control over other people’s actions, but we do have control over our own. Let’s talk about …

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CBD and Seizures

Newly compiled evidence gathered from early research studies, small trial groups, and personal stories suggests cannabidiol was effective in reducing frequency and severity of seizures in both children and adults.  What is Epilepsy? Epileptic seizures are caused by misfiring or abnormal signals occurring among brain cells. Convulsions sometimes can alter senses, causing the sufferer to lose consciousness. The spasms can last seconds to several minutes. Dravet Syndrome Dravet Syndrome is a rare and severe form of epilepsy that begins in infancy. Constant care is required for someone suffering from Dravet syndrome which can severely impact the patient’s and the caretaker’s quality of life. Patients with Dravet syndrome face a 15-20% mortality rate due to sudden unexpected death, prolonged seizures, and seizure-related accidents.  Ia a recent study, 13% of those with Dravet Syndrome epilepsy became seizure-free with a help of CBD treatment. Patients and families rely on research to seek a better quality of life for their loved ones. Setting …

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Getting The Most From Keynote Speakers: Cannabis Jobs and Industry Advancement

Information presented in class and lectures contains information relevant to the cannabis industry. Yet attendees of classes, expos, and conferences often do not realize the important of learning from guest speakers. These types of presentations are frequently packed with vital information which could be critical to your advancement in the cannabis field. Keynote cannabis speakers are not just blowing smoke! They are typically carefully chosen based on their backgrounds and experiences, and for their abilities to share pertinent and relevant information to their audiences. At the Herbal Risings TerpU cannabis campus, students are encouraged to participate in note taking during the guest speaker portion of class. Here are some suggestions to help you get the most from a speaker’s presentation. Must have: -Proper environment to assume listening mode. At the Herbal Risings TerPU cannabis campus, students listen to guest speakers in a classroom environment. -Access to note taking materials. Make sure to record key points …

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Welcome Our New Partner, Health For Life Dispensary

Herbal Risings Welcomes Health For Life Herbal Risings is happy to announce a new partner, Health For Life East & North Dispensaries! Health For Life is a premier Arizona medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona, offering top of the line holistic medications. Their primary focus is providing a friendly environment consisting of knowledgeable staff members. Health For Life’s guided philosophy is to showcase excellence in every staff member, which may include tasks such as deep cleaning, rule compliance, safety training, content marketing, product education and device demonstrations. As Herbal Risings graduates begin to apply for work, consider Health For Life East & North for its pride in the fact that they provide a friendly, family-like atmosphere to not only their customers, but also their staff members. Health For Life is all about respecting staff and keeping a positive outgoing attitude. They have fun and they expect precision from their staff. Under the partnership. the existing …

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