• infusions class
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    The Herbal Risings Assistant Baker and Infusion Kitchen Basics course is designed to teach you all the basics of starting in a kitchen as it applies to working with Medical Marijuana. This course serves as an introduction to becoming an invaluable asset in any infusion kitchen. It is applicable to you if you are looking to assist in an infusion kitchen under a head chef, are an aspiring baker, or are looking to become a head chef yourself.

  • budtender course
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     The Herbal Risings online Budtender Certificate Course delivers core concepts and tools to be an effective patient consultant. The course’s 6 modules, which can be taken anywhere and at any time, delve into core concepts in such areas as: flower classifications, edibles, patient care standards and best practices, and an introduction to concentrates.

  • class graduation
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    4 hours of workbook coverage: 04/14/2019 Class check-in time: 3pm-7PM Cost: $299 Where: Phoenix, AZ RSVP here: Facebook Event page Herbal Risings Principles & Standards of Patient & Cannabis Care Workshop (with certificate) Limited spots available. Enroll early and we’ll save your seat. What does the class cover? From flowers, patients and ailments, extracts and edibles, this practical, interactive public approach teaches any level of budtender how to identify products, and navigate through Arizona’s medical marijuana program. Attendants of this program will approach their dispensaries in a whole new way, this training will be sure to make you a star behind the counter attracting additional customers, and best of all increasing your potential! See course curriculum further down the page for more details. Who Should Take This Class? New & Existing Dispensary Agents, Budtenders of all levels, Passionate Wellness Advocates, Health Providers, Public Educators & Leaders, Cannabis Patient Caregivers, current Marijuana Industry Workers, MMJ job…

  • herbal risings career workshop
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    About The Principles & Standards Online Career Course Budtenders and Patient Advisers are responsible for showing and delivering products to customers. They typically work at dispensaries, collectives, or other private caregiving groups. This course was filmed with a live group of students in February 2016. The course was developed under the guidance of the Arizona medical marijuana program. Course Objectives Communication is critical for a budtender or patron advisor. You have to speak with customers throughout your shift. This course acclimates you with industry terminology and vocabulary and supports strong listening skills. You need to be able to listen to the stories and data shared in this course. This prepares you for real-life scenarios where dispensary agents are required to chat with customers. Take a look at the curriculum to see all the topics covered in the course. Memorization is important for remembering customers and product specifications. This course helps…

  • cbd for you
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    CBD For You is one course that students like you can use to develop personal strategies that increase access to quality product knowledge in a sustainable manner.  This type of approach helps grow the market for CBD products by better targeting communication tips or by creating room for sales representatives, demonstrators, health professionals, and consumers to increase its provision of cannabidiol commodities. This CBD course not only spotlights one specific approach, but will instead focus on providing lessons to guide students on how they should use their practical knowledge to improve access of CBD products. Due to the increased complexity and relative lack of examples for services, this course will focus on how students can integrate a compassionate approach to develop strategies for CBD and other cannabinoid product developments. Objectives: 1. Basic cannabinoid information, seizures and the effect of CBD on them, as well as a look into mental disorders such…

  • concentrates class
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    In the class, you’ll learn about concentrates safety, how cannabis extracts are produced, and common methods of development. Does not require hands on skill testing. 6 unit text course (with photos).

  • cannabis history with mikel weisser
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    About The History Course Herbal Risings Cannabis History course begins 400 million years ago. This one-hour Video Course covers the history of cannabis from hemp farming, to prohibition through to its current status. You must pass the final exam with an 80% to receive a certificate of completion. Credits Presenter: Mikel Weisser of NORML Filmed at the Herbal Risings classroom in Phoenix, Arizona

  • science classes
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    This is a 6 unit course which covers both core and advanced therapeutics medicinal benefits, equipment and uses, and more.