This information is for referral sources only. Information contained from this page has been sourced from the OMMA website and other various resources. Please consult the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Website for more information regarding  state laws and regulations.

Yes, in order to lawfully use marijuana a physician must write a recommendation and you must be approved for a mmj patient card to legally buy, use, and grow cannabis and produce mmj products in Oklahoma. Applications and payments are collected through an online system at the OMMA website

An Oklahoma medical marijuana card is good for 2 years. 

To work in an Oklahoma dispensary you must be 21 years older.

Between $10-20 depending on experience & knowledge. A course certificate like ours can help. 

You must pass a background check prior to beginning work in a dispensary. 

A dispensary agent should be familiar with technology and point of sale systems. You will need to accurately submit customer data and should be able to navigate software with ease. Our budtender courses provide students with the experience of navigating and inputing patient care related material.

A course certificate is a great way to prove your knowledge and give you the tools to make great product recommendations and provide a genuine experience to customers with confidence and patience. A passion for cannabis coupled with a strong dedication to processes and compliance are a must for dispensary budtenders. With an Herbal Risings certificate, employers know you took the time to invest in yourself. 

Personal Training, Education, and Development

Herbal Risings Courses are fun and beneficial programs where budtenders and members of the community come together to enhance their cannabis knowledge. Our dispensary-approved classes set a standard in quality patient care in the Oklahoma marijuana industry. ENROLL NOW!

Complete all 5 courses and receive the Ultimate Achievement Certificate and personalized career assistance.

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