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We are here to help you in every aspect of your professional cannabis path. When you enroll with Herbal Risings, you are hiring a team of supporters.

We want you to feel comfortable with membership.  If you have any questions about your enrollment, you may contact your course coordinator directly. We don't succeed if you don't succeed! We're there with you, every step of the way.

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Online Courses

Full payment of the enrollment fee is due before the time of registration. You can pay by credit card, debit card, business check, or cash (AZ). We will give you access to the course when full payment has been made. Account creation can take up to 24 hours. The enrollment fee shall cover the course registration and participation, and all other Course content. Read More about our online course registration policies.

What is the LIVE CLASS ticket exchange policy?
Live classes and workshops are non-refundable. Once you commit to a class and your account is created, we trust that you will keep your promise to attend. Once your registration fee is received, we order catering, and books/supplies are personalized. If you know you are unable to attend class, you must contact the office within 3 days at 602-476-8868 or email and request a transfer to another program or class. Read More about our LIVE CLASS registration policies.
What if the class is cancelled by Herbal Risings or venue?
In the event of a class cancellation, you would be notified and informed of your options including rescheduling to another class or online course.
If you do not attend the class date for which you registered, you may transfer any amount over your $299 registration fee to another course or another participant for up to 3 months from the payment date. A $50 fee will be applied when transferring to a different date other than the date registered, but may be waived if the transfer is to an earlier date.
Requests to transfer class fee must be submitted by the person who made the payment, and should be sent to

Photography & Filming

Class participants, speakers, staff, and visitors to the campus should not have an expectation of privacy in classrooms or any other public space at the campus. All classrooms, conference rooms, and other public spaces concerning Staff MMJ may be programmed to be audio- or video-recorded at any time when classes or events are or may have been scheduled to occur. Accordingly, private conversations may be inadvertently recorded (and accessed) pursuant to this Policy, even when such conversations occur in an empty classroom or space. These recordings may be used as a live class product example for promotional or presentational purposes.  All class participants are required to be photographed individually and as a group prior to dismissal. These photographs will be stored privately at the certifications' department.

Recording by Class Participants: We have a mission of empowering individuals who act with the highest dedication of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, and with respect for the legitimate interests of others, participants (students, guests, speakers). They are not permitted to record a class themselves by any means without prior express authorization of the class proxy. Violation of this rule may be deemed a violation of the Live Class policy.

Participants may request copies of photographs, media, and other recordings by contacting us at

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