How to Enroll in Arizona Budtender Classes

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Do You Need Budtender Classes to Become a Budtender?

To the non-members, it can seem like getting into a dispensary must involve some sort of special training process. Marijuana is, after all, a fairly volatile substance, especially when combined with the need to provide symptom relief for patients, and it would make sense that some form of knowledge certification should be necessary in order to make sure you have what it takes to handle the unpredictable situations that accompany the dispensary. Non-dispensary agents commonly believe that one must attend a cannabis school to earn a certificate, but realistically, there are very few credentials needed to work as a budtender, and those you may need can be easily acquired at a very low cost.

At publication, there are roughly 80 medical marijuana dispensaries open throughout the state of Arizona. Positions are very limited, and with cannabis being a fairly new industry– it can be difficult to navigate through the hiring process. Budtender classes provide information on the business of cannabis, while working to educate and enhance an applicant’s knowledge. You do not need a budtender class to obtain a position in an Arizona dispensary. But many hiring managers are looking for it. Why?

Dispensary Agent Application Process
A new hire is not allowed to begin working in a dispensary until approved through the Arizona medical marijuana program. Once an applicant accepts a budtender position, the dispensary must submit a dispensary agent application accompanied by a nominal fee. The new employee may not begin working in the dispensary until the dispensary agent card has been issued, which can take several weeks. This is an excellent time for new dispensary agents to research the industry and community. For this reason, a dispensary faces a great loss every time a new hire fails to perform.

How Budtender Class Can Help

Because of the tremendous demand to work in the cannabis industry, a dispensary can receive in excess of 500 resumes a day. A budtender class can teach you a few trade secrets about how to deal with difficult patients, reach the community, and you can even learn how to communicate more effectively with customers.

A budtender class in Arizona can be fairly inexpensive, costing between $99 for online courses and $299 for live classes. Live classes only happen a few times a month and have an extremely limited class size, so make sure you enroll far ahead of the class date.

Join us in the next Phoenix class, you may visit the class page or view our Phoenix event calendar. Or you may enroll in online courses here. You must be a member of StaffMMJ to enroll in our classes.

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