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New Career Workshop

ZOOM Live: Principles & Standards of Cannabis Careers

12pm-6pm MST

Sunday, 8/24/21

Certificate Included

Your Journey Starts Here

Every successful journey begins with passion.

It’s what motivates us.

It’s what inspires us to keep going.

Passion is the fuel behind our goals.

But passion can’t stand on its own.


everything you need to

Become Successful In A Dispensary

An Emerging Industry

The cannabis industry is not only booming across North America, but it’s also becoming a massive global sector with thousands of employees and hundreds of different growers and manufacturing companies.

With all this growth, many people are looking at entering the cannabis sector as budtenders and dispensary agents.

Team Spirit

When new customers enter dispensaries, they are often overwhelmed.

People are looking to tailor their cannabis experiences to their personal situations.

That’s why a professionally trained staff can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Herbal Risings

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About Us

Herbal Risings’ Career Curriculum was born out of years of experience and the direct knowledge of some of the best industry professionals.

Our curriculum was designed in collaboration with dispensaries around the world and cultivated through direct work with patients, human resource departments, management, board of directors, and legislatures.

Drawing from experience and direct knowledge, we equip people with the tools and education they need to forge a successful career path as a budtender. 

Together, we’ll help you cultivate the passion behind your journey and bring the knowledge you need to succeed. Don’t let your passion waste away.

With our curriculum and training, we’ll make sure it doesn’t. We believe that proper cannabis education can lay a better foundation for those who want to pursue professional careers in the industry. Together, we can help create better experiences for everyone enjoying the uses and benefits of marijuana. Welcome to cannabis college. Your journey starts here


Why Herbal Risings

Frequently Asked Questions

Budtending 101 is a self-paced course with six units of material. The amount of time it takes to complete the course is entirely up to you! Some people finish within 24 hours. Others take several weeks in between units. You will have lifetime access. The sooner you finish, the sooner you can put your education to use!

The workshop covers 12 units of material. It is available in-person, via zoom, and in pre-recorded format. With the in-person and zoom course, you will receive a workbook and other learning materials. The workshop also includes resume help and career assistance. Group participation is required to earn a certificate. The self-paced courses are 6 units of text material. You must pass with an 80% to earn a certificate. 

On a federal and state level, dispensary agent courses are not required. However, individual dispensaries may require a certificate prior to applying for a position.

To expand your existing knowledge and become better versed in products and benefits, we recommend one of the specialty self-paced courses Scientific Budtender or Concentrates Specialist

Yes, we do! Our workshops are currently held in Mesa, AZ. Check the workshop page for the next class date! 

Upon registering for a course, you may begin as soon as we activate your dashboard. This usually occurs within one hour of purchasing, but may take up to 24 hours depending on our workload. If it has been more than 24 hours since you enrolled, please contact

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