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Cannabis Training Budtending Course

The Herbal Risings online Budtender Course delivers core concepts and tools to be an effective patient consultant. The course’s 6 modules, which can be taken anywhere and at any time, delve into core concepts in such areas as: flower classifications, edibles, patient care standards and best practices, and an introduction to concentrates. When you earn your budtender certificate, you will have a good understanding of what it takes to become a budtender and will be better prepared to work in an Oklahoma dispensary. 

Who is it for?

Earn your Herbal Risings Budtender Certification online with the Cannabis Training Budtending Course designed for those who want to apply the best knowledge to their patient care practices. If you want to become a budtender or need to improve your dispensary training experience, this course is the Budtending 101 of all courses!

our teaching team

Chad Olshavsky Herbal Risings

Chad Olshavsky

Certifications Director | Course Writer

Starting from the bottom, creating an education for his dispensary employers, ChadO quickly saw the need for education focused on patient care  for the cannabis industry.

“If you care about your patients as much as I do, be sure you know what you’re recommending them.”

April Olshavsky

Course Editor & Designer

April has a background in web programming and has worked in several sectors within the business side of cannabis industry. She turned her passion for advocacy and patient care into fuel and fueled her drive to become a career coach for budtenders. To date, she’s helped hundreds of applicants perfect their resumes and break into the cannabis industry. 

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Course Objectives

After the completion of Budtending 101, you should be able to:
1. Understand setting, duties, and responsibilities of budtending jobs.
2. Demonstrate best practices for customer interaction.
3. Ability to identify a patient’s medical cannabis needs.
4. Obtain pre-emptive problem-solving skills to utilize within a dispensary.
5. Use oral and written medical cannabis terminology.
6. Demonstrate knowledge of common state-approved diseases and conditions.
7. Perform basic dosage recommendations.
8. Exhibit knowledge of dispensary standards, ethics, laws and regulations.

Who Benefits From This Course

This course is designed for professionals aspiring to become budtenders. Future dispensary agents, current budtenders, trimmers, and others who want to pursue medical marijuana jobs are the key beneficiaries of this course. Budtending 101 is an excellent introduction for anyone who wants to learn the synergestic effect between the human body and cannabis.

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FAQ About Budtending

Most frequent questions and answers

To be a dispensary budtender you have to be 21 years older.

Between $10-20 depending on experience & knowledge, a certificate like this one helps.

This course has 6 units. 

Budtending 101 students should have prior customer service or hospitality experience. Prior exposure or knowledge of medical marijuana is not required, but definitely beneficial.

What Our Students Says

I loved my experience at Herbal Risings. My employer thought this class would help me since I had no experience, and she was right! I would highly recommend anyone to this course. The knowledge you obtain sets you up for a successful career in cannabis! I have no complaints.



About the Herbal Risings Certificate Program

The Herbal Risings Certificate Program was developed for dispensary bound goals.

Herbal Risings Certificate ensures that associated dispensaries and other employers adhere to best practices by meeting Herbal Risings Principles & Standards.

An Herbal Risings certificate gives students, learners, health care practitioners, dispensaries, employers, job seekers peace of mind.

The Herbal Risings goals  are to instill industry standard of excellence in the areas of consistency, accountability, and quality care in the emerging market.

Herbal Risings cultivators leaders in the medical cananbis industry.

Visit the Herbal Risings Course Catalog to see our current offerings.

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