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CBD For You: An Introduction to CBD


    Coming Soon! A new course called CBD For You!

    CBD For You is one course that students like you can use to develop personal strategies that increase access to quality product knowledge in a sustainable manner.  This type of approach helps grow the market for CBD products by better targeting communication tips or by creating room for sales representatives, demonstrators, health professionals, and consumers to increase its provision of cannabidiol commodities.

    This upcoming course will not spotlight one specific approach, but will instead focus on providing lessons to guide students on how they should use their practical knowledge to improve access of CBD products. Due to the increased complexity and relative lack of examples for services, this course will focus on how students can integrate a compassionate approach to develop strategies for CBD and other cannabinoid product developments.

    Course Curriculum

    Cannabidiol 101
    The Endocannabinoid System
    CBD Delivery Methods
    Extraction Techniques
    Inactive THC and CBD correlation
    Treatment Protocols
    Final Exam for certificate status

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