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This is a 6 unit course which covers both core and advanced therapeutics medicinal benefits, equipment and uses, and more.


About the Budtending 102 Course: Scientific Budtender.

Science is the combined human effort to better understand how the natural world works. The Budtending 102 course is designed for students and professionals who want to enhance knowledge about cannabis as a medicine. This is a 6 unit course which covers both core and advanced therapeutics medicinal benefits, equipment and uses, and more.

Recommended Pre-requisites:

Students should know basics of cannabis product manufacturing and should be familiar with dispensary patient care. A certificate in Budtending 101 or the Principles & Standards course is recommended.

Must pass course with an 80% to receive certificate. 6 unit text course (with photos). 24/7 access to potfessors for Q&A. Certificate of achievement. *Regularly peer-reviewed by industry professionals.

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-Gain an understanding of therapeutic and medicinal benefits and applications of various cannabis products.

-Understanding medical equipment and devices

-Explore a fresh alternative look at flower classifications

-Discovering safety warnings and concerns.

-Acquire new perspectives of medical verses recreational.

-Expand your medicinal cannabis terminology vocabulary.

About the Herbal Risings Certificate Program

The Herbal Risings Certificate Program was developed for dispensary bound goals.

Herbal Risings Certificate ensures that associated dispensaries and other employers adhere to best practices by meeting Herbal Risings Principles & Standards.

An Herbal Risings certificate gives students, learners, health care practitioners, dispensaries, employers, job seekers peace of mind.

The Herbal Risings goals  are to instill industry standard of excellence in the areas of consistency, accountability, and quality care in the emerging market.

Herbal Risings cultivators leaders in the medical cannabis industry.

Visit the Herbal Risings Course Catalog to see our current offerings.

Before enrollment, you must review Online Terms and Conditions

Course Curriculum 

  • Unit 1: Medical Cannabis vs Recreational Unlimited
  • Budtending 102: Quiz Unlimited
  • Unit 2: Flower Classifications II Unlimited
  • Budtending 102: Quiz Unlimited
  • Unit 3: Endocannabinoids Unlimited
  • Budtending 102: Quiz Unlimited
  • Unit 4: Synergistic Effect Unlimited
  • Budtending 102: Quiz Unlimited
  • Unit 5: Terpenes Unlimited
  • Budtending 102: Quiz Unlimited
  • Unit 6: Medical Equipment Unlimited
  • Budtending 102: Quiz Unlimited
  • Final Exam: Scientific Budtender Unlimited

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  1. blue berry gumballz


    Awesome course. I recommend it!

  2. great classes


    Budtender Class was awesome! Really helpful, and well worth the time and effort! I finished Budtending 101, Budtending 102, and Concentrates- 2 months later a dispensary hired me for marketing!

  3. Undertanding the plant


    Thanks to this online budtender course, I gained a better understanding of the inner workings of the cannabis plant.

  4. Budtender 102


    Course material is very easy to understand. Worth taking Budtending 101and 102.

  5. Tons of Info


    Great material. Will recommend.

  6. Great Course


    Fun, easy, and I had learned alot!

  7. Great Info!


    Love how it was written and worded. Didn’t make it to complicated like it could of been but really informative and educational.

  8. I don't know?


    Liked the content had some critism of the questions. All worked out.

  9. Great, simple, easy!


    Clear instructions on how to help a patient, very easy to understand, great service!

  10. Miguel FernandezJuly 26, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    Simple yet informative


    Being a budtender I understand the need for more knowledge on the plant. Most budtenders need this extra knowledge on terpenes and how the interact to better serve patients. This course can spark an interest for others to continue learning.

  11. Great



  12. Alexander GoldsteinJanuary 3, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    budtender 102


    taught me a lot about the different compounds and chemicals in cannabis.

  13. Budtender Course 2


    Great course. Very informative and I learned a lot.