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Event Date: 06/27/2021  Event Type: Cannabis Workshop & Interactive Q&A. Cost: $299   What does the workshop cover? From flowers, patients …


Herbal Risings Virtual Seminar Registration details:

Event Date: 06/27/2021 

Event Type: Cannabis Workshop & Interactive Q&A.

Cost: $299

  upcoming-class-at-southwest-cannabis-expo What does the workshop cover? From flowers, patients and ailments, extracts and edibles, this practical, interactive public approach teaches any level of budtender how to identify products, and navigate through a legalized medical marijuana program. Attendants of this program will approach their dispensaries in a whole new way, this training will be sure to make you a star behind the counter attracting additional customers, and best of all increasing your potential! See course curriculum further down the page for more details.

Herbal Risings Virtual Class Registration Includes:


Event Registration

12 Units of Instruction

Workbook (pdf)

Interactive Q&A

Certificate of Completion

Resume Assistance

Lifetime Guided Career Help

Who Should Take This Class? southwest educate herbal risings New & Existing Dispensary Agents, Budtenders of all levels, Passionate Wellness Advocates, Health Providers, Public Educators & Leaders, Cannabis Patient Caregivers, current Marijuana Industry Workers, MMJ job seekers, those who own or are looking to own a dispensary, Patients & anyone else looking to learn more about dispensary products and menus. Those who are looking for a support in their cannabis employment journeys are encouraged to register!

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Costs are minimal for the PRINCIPLES AND STANDARDS OF CANNABIS AND PATIENT CARE WORKSHOP, and registration is only $299. Must enroll in advance to secure a spot. 


Herbal Risings Live Seminar: This includes a 12-unit intensive and interactive training seminar, a workbook and test booklet, and a certificate. Please contact admissions at admissions@herbalrisings.com for more class times and availability. These classes fill up quickly due to the high demand in learning to acquire the Herbal Risings Principles & Standards. You will learn to increase your cannabis knowledge and have a lot of fun doing so.   EXCHANGE POLICY (non-refundable) Find us on Facebook

Course Curriculum