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What You Learn: Zoom Workshop

* Flower Classifications*Dispensary Terminology*Edibles & Dosing*Industry Job Roles & Responsibilities*Budtender Expectations
*Concentrates Identification*Diseases and Ailments*Cannabinoid Functions *Endocannabinoid System*Solvents Extracts
*Solventless Extracts*Importance of Terpenes*Interview Tips*Personalized Resume Help*Career Placement Assistance
*CBD Product Recommendations*Customer Engagement Strategies*Problem-Solving*Patient Advocacy *Application Methods

Course Content

12 sections - 12:00 pm -6:00 pm (PACIFIC/MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME)

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              Some basic math skills and a desire to learn.


              Interested in working a dispensary job? Then this course is for you!

              This course has been designed by professional Cannabis Dispensary Representatives so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn industry terminology, dosing and product recommendations, and customer engagement strategies.

              Taught by dispensary manager and cannabis brand creator, Chad Olshavsky.

              We will walk you step-by-step into the World of Cannabis. With every unit, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet exciting customer-focused side of the field. 

              This course is fun and exciting, but at the same time, we dive deep into Patient Care. It is structured the following way:

              • Part 1: Introductions – Meeting your instructor and sharing your story.

              • Part 2: Workbook Discoveries – Explore 12 units of carefully curated categories.
              • Part 3: Test Your Knowledge – An interactive session of question/answer trivia.
              • Part 4: Career Applications – Personalized Resume tips in formatting and skillsets
              • Part 5: Certificate Awards – Personalized hard copy certificate
              • Part 6: Career Assistance –  Guided job placement help 

              Important Updates (September 2021):

              • Expanded ailments and conditions section
              • Hard copy workbook included

              Who Is This Class For?

              • New & Existing Dispensary Agents Budtenders of all levels
              • Passionate Wellness Advocates
              • Health Providers
              • Public Educators & Leaders
              • Cannabis Patient Caregivers
              • Current Marijuana Industry Workers
              • MMJ job seekers
              • Those who own or are looking to own a dispensary
              • Patients & anyone else looking to learn more about dispensary products and menus.

              Those who are looking for support in their cannabis employment journeys are encouraged to register!


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              Our team

              Workshop Instructors

              Chad Olshavsky

              dispensary mgmt

              Chad Olshavsky is the director of certifications. Specializes in dispensary management and brand creation. He is also the host of Toking Today Podcast.

              April Olshavsky

              Career coach

              April is a cannabis career coach and content creator. She has managed 5 inventory rooms and developed operational dispensary manuals.

              Dwayne Bratcher


              Dwayne joined as a career advisor in 2015 and helped launch our grassroots campaign. Dwayne famously donned a full cannabis suit and shades while teaching a class held at the SW Expo.

              Scott Lee


              Scott Lee joined Herbal Risings as a cultivation expert and began leading the workshop in 2015. Scott brings his vast knowledge and sincere appreciation for large-scale plant care.

              Andrew Young


              Andrew Young is a cannabis and hemp entrepreneur. He began teaching our Principles & Standards curriculum in 2015. He specializes in many fields of the industry.

              Justin Gurtler


              Justin first joined Herbal Risings class as a well-researched student. Right away, Justin was hired in a grow. He began teaching for us around 2017. Justin travels the country providing consulting services.

              Course Reviews


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              1. Fun & Informative


                The school is fantastic. The class structure really doesn’t waste anytime in teaching you what you need to know. You will be hands during the terpene game. My instructor was an absolute hoot and really helped keep my attention so that I could learn everythingI could. 6/5!! Highly recommend!

              2. Got the Job!!


                Awesome training center and staff. I had resume help from April afterwards and I’m happy to say I got the job! April personally reviewed my resume and caught an awful spelling mistake! The personal touch is what sets this class a part from the others.

              3. Work Behind a Dispensary Counter


                Great instructor Chad! Helpful tips and great information. Learn all the basics of working behind a dispensary counter. We touch on all the popular products and customer service methods.The atmosphere is fun! Recommended!

              4. Edibles Stories


                I recommend Herbal Risings to anyone looking for a cannabis job or just wanting to know everything there is to know about the industry. My favorite parts was the edibles. The instructor peppered in personal stories that had the whole class excited.

              5. Great Refresh!


                I had an incredible experience attending the 1 day workshop, I learned a lot and I was also able to refresh a lot of things that I already knew, The instructor, the director and his family, everyone there is very helpful and very nice and are always willing to answer any questions you have plus they’re really comforting to talk to when I needed job seeking support. They blew me away!

              6. Grateful for Herbal Risings


                Its a great workshop and so much to learn. I show my certificate proudly on my resume to find a job. I am truly grateful for everything I got from you guys and thank you so much Herbal Risings!