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About Herbal Risings

Herbal Risings online cannabis classes:  interactive skillset experiences, classroom workshops, dispensary courses, and resume writing assistance

About Herbal Risings

Dispensary Bound training curriculum

"At Herbal Risings Cannabis College, we believe that cannabis is good! We celebrate its benefits and virtues and educate budtenders and consumers alike to respect the trade, perfect the craft, and enjoy with focus"

We are the first center dedicated to training and empowering both sides of the dispensary: The budtender and the guests. Herbal Risings Cannabis College prides itself on working with the most passionate and inspiring people in the marijuana industry.

From Budtenders to General Managers and Grow Masters, our instructors are some of the most specialized people in the industry. 

Herbal Risings provides an online learning platform for budtenders, cannabis enthusiasts, and medical marijuana jobs seekers. Live Dispensary workshops are held in Phoenix, AZ and focus on a variety of cannabis industry topics including customer care, occupational practices, advanced therapy techniques, flower classifications, and more.

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    concentrates class

    Concentrates Specialist

    February 11,2015 / 10 Comments

    In the class, you'll learn about concentrates safety, how cannabis extracts are produced, and...

    science classes

    Scientific Budtender

    July 01,2015 / 9 Comments

    This is a 6 unit course which covers both core and advanced therapeutics medicinal benefits,...

    Budtending 101

    February 11,2015 / 33 Comments

     The Herbal Risings online Budtender Certificate Course delivers core concepts and tools to be an...

    infusions class

    Assistant Baker Kitchen Infusion Class

    October 03,2015 / 2 Comments

    The Herbal Risings Assistant Baker and Infusion Kitchen Basics course is designed to teach you all...

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